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NameStyleDate Crag name
Les Ailes du DesirLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Le Vol d'IcareLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Amélie MélodieLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Le Cimetière des ÉléphantsLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Le Piton InconnuLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Poil dans la MainLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Courage FuyonsLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Des Étoiles Plein les YeuxLead O/S???/2014Orpierre
Holy, Holy, Holy-???/2014Dali's Hole
German Schoolgirl-???/2014Rainbow Walls
Colossus-???/2014Rainbow Slab Area
Jim's Folly-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Chainsaw Massacre-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
One Foot in the Grave-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Tendonitis-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Oesophagus-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Saturn Five-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Squirrel-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Ground Control-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Devils Elbow-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Hot Ice-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
TNT-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Guy Fawkes Crack-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Smokey Joe-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Penny Lane-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Central Pillar-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Leap Year Finish-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
The Spy-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Stalactite-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
West End-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Stuff the E5s-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks
Garden Wall Eliminate-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks (North Face)
Andromeda-???/2014Chudleigh Rocks (North Face)
Little White Lie-???/2014Torbryan Quarry
Thread Flintstone-???/2014Torbryan Quarry
Flambe-???/2014Long Quarry Point
Crepes Suzettes-???/2014Long Quarry Point
Sea Slip-???/2014Long Quarry Point
Osram-???/2014Long Quarry Point
Ruby in the Dust-???/2014Long Quarry Point
Little John-???/2014Anstey's Cove
Big Jim-???/2014Anstey's Cove
Tiny Tim-???/2014Anstey's Cove
Timeless Skies-???/2014Anstey's Cove
Dumb Blonde-???/2014Anstey's Cove
American Express-???/2014Anstey's Cove
Central Slabs-???/2014Meadfoot Quarry
Diamond Rib-???/2014Meadfoot Quarry
Mayday-???/2014Meadfoot Quarry