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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Ingleborough summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy31/Mar/12Ingleborough
Whernside summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy31/Mar/12Whernside
Thornthwaite Crag summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Thornthwaite Crag
Harter Fell summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Harter Fell
Mardale Ill Bell summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Mardale Ill Bell
Ill Bell summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Ill Bell
Kentmere Pike summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Kentmere Pike
Froswick summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Froswick
Yoke summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Yoke
Gray Crag summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Gray Crag
Shipman Knotts summitsummit - 18/Mar/12Shipman Knotts
High Street summitsummit - 18/Mar/12High Street
Swirl How summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy,...04/Feb/12Swirl How
Brim Fell summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy,...04/Feb/12Brim Fell
Great Carrs summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy,...04/Feb/12Great Carrs
Grey Friar summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy,...04/Feb/12Grey Friar
Wetherlam summitsummit -michael lewis, dregsy,...04/Feb/12Wetherlam
Blencathra summitsummit -dregsy31/Jan/12Blencathra
Bannerdale Crags summitsummit -dregsy31/Jan/12Bannerdale Crags
Bowscale Fell summitsummit -dregsy31/Jan/12Bowscale Fell
Mungrisdale Common summitsummit -dregsy31/Jan/12Mungrisdale Common
Souther Fell summitsummit -dregsy31/Jan/12Souther Fell
Ullock Pike summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Ullock Pike
Dodd summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Dodd
Latrigg summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Latrigg
Skiddaw Little Man summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Skiddaw Little Man
Carl Side summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Carl Side
Long Side summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Long Side
Lonscale Fell summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Lonscale Fell
Skiddaw summitsummit -dregsy22/Jan/12Skiddaw
Fairfield summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Fairfield
Heron Pike summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Heron Pike
Low Pike summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Low Pike
Stone Arthur summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Stone Arthur
Nab Scar summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Nab Scar
Hart Crag summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Hart Crag
High Pike (Scandale) summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12High Pike (Scandale)
Great Rigg summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Great Rigg
Dove Crag summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon08/Jan/12Dove Crag
Calf Crag summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon28/Dec/11Calf Crag
Gibson Knott summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon28/Dec/11Gibson Knott
Helm Crag summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon28/Dec/11Helm Crag
Esk Pike summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon03/Dec/11Esk Pike
Hard Knott summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon03/Dec/11Hard Knott
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon03/Dec/11Crinkle Crags - Long Top...
Bowfell summitsummit -dregsy, Paul_Moon03/Dec/11Bowfell
Catbells summitsummit - 28/Oct/11Catbells
Blencathra summitsummit -dregsy02/Jun/11Blencathra
Broad Crag summitsummit - 04/Apr/10Broad Crag
Ill Crag summitsummit - 04/Apr/10Ill Crag
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