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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Dambusters 7a+ Lead RP 13/Aug Winspit
Chrissy 6c ** Lead RP 13/Aug Winspit
Knickerless Crutches 6b+ Lead β 13/Aug Winspit
Stargazy 6a+ * Lead O/S 13/Aug Winspit
Pump Me Tenderly (Direct start) 6c+ * Lead RP 06/Aug Winspit
Red Rain 6c+ *** Lead O/S 06/Aug Winspit
Gallows' Gore 7a ** Lead RP 06/Aug Winspit
Screw You Hippy 6a * Lead β 10/Jul Wallsend North
Sweet Smell of Success 7b *** Lead RP 10/Jul Wallsend North
Thread Flintstone 7b *** Lead RP 03/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Mayday 6c *** Lead O/S 03/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Boogie on Down 6c ** Lead O/S 02/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Barney Rubble 7a+ *** Lead β 02/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Bedrock 6b+ ** Lead O/S 02/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Psychic EMF 7a+ ** Lead β 05/Jun Battleship Back Cliff
I Walk the Line 7b ** Lead RP 22/May Blacknor Central
Gaze of the Gorgon 6a+ ** Lead O/S 22/May Blacknor Central
Cybernetic Orchard 7a+ ** Lead RP 15/May Blacknor Central
Burning Skies 6b+ *** Lead O/S 15/May Blacknor Central
R12 6a+ Lead RP 30/Apr Crni Kal
I.AM Weasel 6a Lead O/S 30/Apr Crni Kal
I.R. Babon 6a+ Lead O/S 30/Apr Crni Kal
Fosilcek 6a+ Lead O/S 30/Apr Crni Kal
Hard Rock 6c Lead RP 29/Apr Crni Kal
Cergol 6a+ Lead O/S 29/Apr Crni Kal