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Logbook for Giles Eperon

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
IntermissionHS 4b Lead O/SCharlie Wilson21/Sep/14Shorn Cliff
Wolf WhistleS *Lead O/SCharlie Wilson21/Sep/14Shorn Cliff
Cry WolfVD Lead O/SCharlie Wilson21/Sep/14Shorn Cliff
...One for AllHS 4b **Lead O/SCharlie Wilson21/Sep/14Shorn Cliff
State of IndependenceVS 4b **Lead O/SCharlie Wilson21/Sep/14Shorn Cliff
Col Rodella VFVF3A **-Alex Eperon, Charlie Wilson,...11/Sep/14Col Rodella
Fessura6a LeadCharlie Wilson10/Sep/14Penia di Canazei
Cavolo6a LeadCharlie Wilson10/Sep/14Penia di Canazei
Penia4a LeadCharlie Wilson10/Sep/14Penia di Canazei
Fagiano6a LeadCharlie Wilson10/Sep/14Penia di Canazei
Fiesta6a LeadCharlie Wilson10/Sep/14Penia di Canazei
Via Delle Trincee/La MesolaVF4B ***-Alex Eperon, Charlie Wilson,...09/Sep/14La Mesola
Via StegerIV+ **LeadCharlie Wilson08/Sep/14Sella Towers
Sandro PertiniVF4B ***-Alex Eperon, Charlie Wilson,...07/Sep/14Vallunga Valley
Masare (VF)VF2B ***-Alex Eperon, Charlie Wilson,...07/Sep/14Roda Di Vael
Roda di Vael (VF)VF1B -Alex Eperon, Charlie Wilson,...07/Sep/14Roda Di Vael
Promenade5c **AltLd O/Sian eperon04/Sep/14Pania Secca
Lacrime e Spit6a 2ndAlex Eperon, ian eperon,...01/Sep/14Guglie della Vacchereccia
Neve I.N.A.5c LeadAlex Eperon, ian eperon,...01/Sep/14Guglie della Vacchereccia
Pataconia5c LeadAlex Eperon, ian eperon,...01/Sep/14Guglie della Vacchereccia
L'Ecaile4a LeadAlex Eperon, ian eperon,...01/Sep/14Guglie della Vacchereccia
Flake ChimneyVD LeadCharlie Wilson24/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Paradise WallVS 4c ***LeadCharlie Wilson24/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Sand CrackS 4a *LeadCharlie Wilson24/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Slanting CrackHS 4b LeadCharlie Wilson24/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Slanting Crack cop-outS 4a LeadCharlie Wilson24/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
PossibilityS 4a *LeadCharlie Wilson23/Aug/14Bamford Edge
Sandy CrackS 4b *LeadCharlie Wilson23/Aug/14Bamford Edge
Bamford ButtressS 4a *LeadCharlie Wilson23/Aug/14Bamford Edge
Wrinkled WallVS 4c **2ndfelicity eperon23/Aug/14Bamford Edge
Pub Night5.6 LeadCharlie Wilson28/Jul/14Lake Louise
Men with Brooms5.6 LeadCharlie Wilson28/Jul/14Lake Louise
Borchgrevinck / Poor Man's PeutereyS **LeadCharlie Wilson07/Jul/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
HopeVD ***LeadCharlie Wilson05/Jul/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Oh Pretty Woman!5c -Aileen, Jen Booys16/Mar/14Cheddar Gorge North
Lapse In Taste5c -Aileen, Jen Booys16/Mar/14Cheddar Gorge North
Mr Ripple6a *-Aileen, Jen Booys16/Mar/14Cheddar Gorge North
What5a -Aileen, Jen Booys16/Mar/14Cheddar Gorge North
Groove Armada6a *-Aileen, Jen Booys16/Mar/14Cheddar Gorge North
StrikeHS 4b *Lead O/S 11/Jan/14Wyndcliffe
The CrackS 4a/b *Lead O/S 11/Jan/14Wyndcliffe
Farouk's FundamentsVS 4b *Lead O/SJen Booys04/Nov/13Palm Tree Gorge
JarradMVS 4b **Lead O/SJen Booys04/Nov/13Palm Tree Gorge
HowzatVS 4c *Lead O/SJen Booys04/Nov/13Palm Tree Gorge
Berber ButtressHVS 5a *Lead O/SJen Booys04/Nov/13Palm Tree Gorge
South West RidgeS 4a **-Jen Booys03/Nov/13Crag A Tafraoute
Auld Lang SyneMVS 4c ***Leadtor nockles02/Nov/13The White Dome - Tower 4
ImhotepS ***Solo 01/Nov/13Maid Marion Rocks
Berber Man Watches Kissy WissyD **Solo 01/Nov/13Maid Marion Rocks
Mini JediVS 4b **Solo 01/Nov/13Maid Marion Rocks
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