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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Lip GlossHVS 5c Lead rpt17/May/15Vicarage Cliff
CatlinE1 5b Lead rpt17/May/15Vicarage Cliff
HarpoonE2 5b **2nd rpt17/May/15Vicarage Cliff
Mad Mags' ParasolVS 4c Lead rpt17/May/15Vicarage Cliff
Atom HeadE1 5c *Lead17/May/15Vicarage Cliff
SaxonHVS 4c, 4c ***Lead O/S13/May/15Carn Kenidjack (Kenidjack...
Rock DancerE1 5b **2nd O/S13/May/15Carn Kenidjack (Kenidjack...
LunakhodHVS 5a ***2nd rpt10/May/15Lower Sharpnose Point
Half-lifeE3 5c **2nd O/S04/May/15Screda Point
HoppodromeE1 5b Lead rpt26/Apr/15Hippa Rock
Coitionary TalesHVS 5a *2nd rpt26/Apr/15Hippa Rock
VirgoVS 4c Lead rpt26/Apr/15Hippa Rock
Sensual SeasE1 5b *2nd26/Apr/15Hippa Rock
Lucky StreakE1 5b *2nd rpt19/Apr/15Screda Point
Lord Lucan is MissingE1 5b 2nd rpt19/Apr/15Screda Point
One in Every PortE2 5c *2nd rpt19/Apr/15Screda Point
Tourist TrapE1 5b **Lead rpt19/Apr/15Screda Point
Chien LunatiqueHVS 4c *Lead rpt19/Apr/15Screda Point
FohnHS 4a Lead O/S19/Apr/15Screda Point
The SnakeHVS 5a *2nd12/Apr/15Moped Zawn
Grapefruit CocktailHVS 5a 2nd12/Apr/15Moped Zawn
Ivor Dewdney Pasty WarsHS 5a Lead O/S12/Apr/15Moped Zawn
Half-MastS AltLd O/S06/Apr/15Higher Sharpnose Point
The SnakeHVS 5a *Lead rpt06/Apr/15Moped Zawn
BantamVS 4c Lead rpt06/Apr/15Moped Zawn
Grapefruit CocktailHVS 5a Lead rpt06/Apr/15Moped Zawn
HadrianE2 5b 2nd rpt22/Mar/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Fears for Tears Direct StartHVS 5a Lead rpt22/Mar/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Kicking Over the TracesE1 5b *2nd rpt22/Mar/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Dangerous DriverE1 5b Lead rpt22/Mar/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Straight on at the LightsE1 5b 2nd rpt22/Mar/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Joker ManVS 4c TR14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
LaceVS 4c Lead14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
Bad BackS 4b 2nd14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
MalawiVS 4b Lead14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
MozambiqueVS 4c *Lead14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
Joker ManVS 4c Lead14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
SilkS 4a 2nd14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
SatinHVS 5a *Lead14/Mar/15Foxhold Slabs
Shivering TimbersVS 4c Lead07/Mar/15Gull Rock - Marsland
ArgonautVS 4c Lead07/Mar/15Gull Rock - Marsland
Walking on the MoonHVS 5a **Lead07/Mar/15Gull Rock - Marsland
Haile SelassieE2 5c **2nd07/Mar/15Gull Rock - Marsland
AngolaHVS 5b Lead08/Feb/15Foxhold Slabs
SatinHVS 5a *Lead08/Feb/15Foxhold Slabs
MozambiqueVS 4c *Lead08/Feb/15Foxhold Slabs
MalawiVS 4b Lead08/Feb/15Foxhold Slabs
Box of DelightsHS 4b *Lead04/Jan/15Vicarage Cliff
SolHS 4a Lead04/Jan/15Vicarage Cliff
Atom HeadE1 5c *Lead04/Jan/15Vicarage Cliff