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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Ah-Med-It S 4a 2nd 24/May Round Barn Quarry
Clog and Billycock D Solo 24/May Round Barn Quarry
Barnacle S 4a * 2nd 24/May Round Barn Quarry
Crackling VD Lead 24/May Round Barn Quarry
Renegade Corner VS 4b ** 2nd 17/May Deeply Vale
Slab Dab VS 4c *** TR 17/May Deeply Vale
The Crack VD * 2nd 17/May Deeply Vale
Curving Crack D Solo 12/May Cadshaw Rocks
Central Crack VD * Lead 12/May Cadshaw Rocks
Overhang Crack VD * 2nd 12/May Cadshaw Rocks
Column Climb D * Lead 12/May Cadshaw Rocks
Open Sesame VD Lead 09/May Troy Quarry
Stacked Deck HS 4b * 2nd 09/May Troy Quarry
Right Siamese Twin S 4a * 2nd 09/May Troy Quarry
Left Siamese Twin S 4a * 2nd 09/May Troy Quarry
Walpurgis Eve S 4a * 2nd 04/May Witches' Quarry
Baalbreth HS 4a TR 04/May Witches' Quarry
Oblique Crack D Lead 15/Jul/15 Widdop
Wrinkled Wall HVD * 2nd 15/Jul/15 Widdop
Krypton Route S 4a * TR 15/Jul/15 Widdop
Column Climb D * Lead 09/Jun/15 Cadshaw Rocks
Split Block Climb S 4a * 2nd 09/Jun/15 Cadshaw Rocks
East Face Climb VD 2nd 09/Jun/15 Cadshaw Rocks
West Buttress Direct VD Solo 09/Jun/15 Cadshaw Rocks
The Staircase M Solo 09/Jun/15 Cadshaw Rocks