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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Column ClimbD Lead09/Jun/15Cadshaw Rocks
East Face ClimbVD 2nd09/Jun/15Cadshaw Rocks
Split Block ClimbS 4a *2nd09/Jun/15Cadshaw Rocks
The StaircaseM Solo09/Jun/15Cadshaw Rocks
West Buttress DirectVD Solo09/Jun/15Cadshaw Rocks
Open SesameVD Lead04/Jun/15Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinS 4a 2nd04/Jun/15Troy Quarry
Stacked DeckHS 4b **2nd04/Jun/15Troy Quarry
No Right TurnVS 4c 2nd04/Jun/15Troy Quarry
BelladonnaVD 2nd13/May/15Witches' Quarry
JennetS 4a 2nd13/May/15Witches' Quarry
Vertigof4+ 4a Sent07/May/15Brownstones
Blurtf4+ 5a Sent07/May/15Brownstones
Haltf3+ 4a Sent07/May/15Brownstones
Ash Pit Slabf3 vd Sent07/May/15Brownstones
Dragnetf4 4c Sent07/May/15Brownstones
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *Lead23/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Overhang CrackVD *2nd23/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Central CrackVD *2nd23/Apr/15Cadshaw Rocks
Open SesameVD Lead16/Apr/15Troy Quarry
Stacked DeckHS 4b **2nd16/Apr/15Troy Quarry
Right Siamese TwinS 4a 2nd16/Apr/15Troy Quarry
Left Siamese TwinS 4a 2nd16/Apr/15Troy Quarry
Halloween OutingS 4a 2nd17/Jul/14Witches' Quarry
Walpurgis EveS 4a 2nd17/Jul/14Witches' Quarry
NanceVD Lead17/Jul/14Witches' Quarry
Overhanging Chockstone CrackVD *2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
V CornerS 4b 2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Footstool RightHVD 4a *2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
LaybackHVD 2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Zig-a-Zag-aD *2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Central TowerVD *2nd12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Double CrackVD *Solo12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Easy CornerD Solo12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Easy CrackD Solo12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Right-hand CrackVD Solo12/Jul/14Castle Naze
Original RouteVD 2nd29/Jun/14Trowbarrow
Ramp AntS 4a *2nd29/Jun/14Trowbarrow
ElizabethVD 2nd14/Apr/14Witches' Quarry
JennetS 4a 2nd14/Apr/14Witches' Quarry
Right Siamese TwinS 4a 2nd09/Apr/14Troy Quarry
Stacked DeckHS 4b **2nd09/Apr/14Troy Quarry
Ash Tree CrackVD *2nd29/Mar/14Burbage North
Bilberry CrackVD *2nd29/Mar/14Burbage North
Sentinel Crack (Burbage North)D 2nd29/Mar/14Burbage North
SteptoeM Lead29/Mar/14Burbage North
BaselessHVD *2nd29/Mar/14Burbage North
Triangle Buttress AreteVD *2nd29/Mar/14Burbage North
The CornerD Lead06/Oct/13Windgather Rocks
Wall ClimbHVD *2nd06/Oct/13Windgather Rocks