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NameStyleDate Crag name
Wiggi and Mopoke's Excellent New HiltiTR O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
A Dream of White PorschesTR O/S21/Apr/15Battleship Back Cliff
The Jewel of the IsleTR dog18/Apr/15Wallsend South
Turned to StoneTR dog05/Oct/14Blacknor South
Cut Throat JakeTR RP05/Oct/14Blacknor South
Bum DropletsTR dog05/Oct/14Blacknor South
Pregnant PauseLead RP28/Sep/14Blacknor Central
Go With the FlowLead O/S28/Sep/14Blacknor Central
Downtown Julie BrownTR dog21/Sep/14Blacknor North
Cinema ParadisoLead rpt21/Sep/14Blacknor North
Buoys will be BuoysTR dog20/Sep/14Battleship Back Cliff
Queen Anne's MenTR dog06/Sep/14Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleTR dog06/Sep/14Winspit
Hitachi and GirlsLead O/S05/Sep/14Winspit
Red RainTR dog05/Sep/14Winspit
Queen Anne's MenTR dog05/Sep/14Winspit
Stone MasonLead rpt05/Sep/14Winspit
Red RainTR dnf30/Aug/14Winspit
Flashheart DirectTR RP30/Aug/14Winspit
Jurassic ShiftTR dog29/Aug/14Battleship Back Cliff
No Man is an IslandTR dnf29/Aug/14Battleship Back Cliff
Very Sleepy RiverTR RP24/Aug/14Blacknor North
Downtown Julie BrownTR dog24/Aug/14Blacknor North
Very Sleepy RiverLead RP24/Aug/14Blacknor North
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of CausationTR dog23/Aug/14Blacknor Central
AusfahrtTR O/S23/Aug/14Blacknor Central
The Lizard of OzLead rpt19/Aug/14Blacknor South
The Lizard of OzTR O/S19/Aug/14Blacknor South
Fallen Slab ArÍteLead O/S25/Jul/14Blacknor Beach
Step away from the GinggaTR dnf25/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Kit KatTR dog24/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Troll Team SpecialTR dnf22/Jul/14Wallsend South
No Place for MambasLead dnf22/Jul/14Wallsend South
Stalker's ZoneLead dog22/Jul/14Wallsend South
Xavier's WallTR O/S17/Jul/14Coastguard South
Xavier ZooTR O/S17/Jul/14Coastguard South
Coming of AgeTR O/S17/Jul/14Coastguard South
Walking the KingTR dog17/Jul/14Coastguard South
Cake WalkLead O/S15/Jul/14Blacknor North
Is Vic There?TR dnf15/Jul/14Blacknor North
Slings ShotLead O/S15/Jul/14Blacknor North
Last Rose of SummerTR dnf14/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Return to RoissyTR O/S14/Jul/14Blacknor Central
TalkTR O/S14/Jul/14Blacknor South
Shit Happens, ActuallyLead RP13/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Meg's Got Leukaemia2nd dog13/Jul/14Blacknor North
Reptile Smile2nd dog13/Jul/14Blacknor North
Very Sleepy River2nd dog13/Jul/14Blacknor North
Eliminate 'A'2nd O/S11/Jul/14Dow Crag
Jacob's LadderTR O/S03/Jun/14Cheyne Wears Area