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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Does Trunky Want a Bun?6b+ *Leadhelen11/Nov/12Blacknor Central
Heather5c *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Claudia6a *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Ingvlid6a+ *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Phan-X6a+ **- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Heather5c *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Claudia6a *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Ingvlid6a+ *- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Phan-X6a+ **- ??/Sep/11Glaros
Unknown6a - ???/2011Blacknor North
Sanfte Kuss7a+ **- ???/2011Blacknor North
Electra7a **Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Lysistrati7a+ ***Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Blood Sport6a **Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Merci Remy6b *Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Pornokini6a ***Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Kosmas6b **Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Free Style6b ***Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Wild Sex6b ***Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Borhok6b ***Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Captain Arvithis6b **Lead O/Shelen??/Sep/10Arginonda
Il movimento sexi6a Lead rpthelen??/Sep/10Ocean Dream
Telendos7b+ Lead rpthelen??/Sep/10Ocean Dream
Kaly Dream6c *- ??/Sep/10Skalia Pillar
Captain Koumantaros6c **- ??/Sep/10Skalia Pillar
Zymoto6a+ *- ??/Sep/10Skalia Pillar
Big Merci6b ***- ??/Sep/10Skalia Pillar
Hello Sailor6c *Lead O/Shelen??/Apr/10Blacknor South
Kite Marks7a *Lead O/Shelen??/Apr/10Blacknor South
Round the Bend6b - ???/2010The Cuttings
Kerveros7a ***- ???/2010Spartacus
Les Amazones6c ***- ???/2010Spartacus
Bye Bye Doc6c ***- ???/2010Afternoon
Step away from the Gingga7a *- 14/Oct/09Blacknor Central
Birthday Girl5c *Lead O/Shelen??/Oct/09Blacknor Central
The Long Walk6c **Lead O/Shelen??/Oct/09Blacknor Central
Ocean Rock6c+ **Lead O/Shelen??/Oct/09Blacknor Central
One Fine Day6a+ *Lead O/Shelen??/Oct/09Blacknor Central
Popi6a+ **Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Thanks to Oswin6a+ **Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Ibiscus Market6b+ **Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Crutches6b+ **Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Another Day in Paradise6a ***Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Strike5c ***Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Homer Alone6a **Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Marianna5c *Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Once more5c *Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
5 Star6b *Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Restaurant Acrogiali6a+ *Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
Homer vision5c ***Leadhelen??/Oct/09Iliada
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