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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Bird's Nest CrackHS 4b **2nd rptBertie24/Jul/12Almscliff
Whisky WallE3 5b TR O/S 24/Jul/12Almscliff
Pinnacle Flake ClimbS 4a *Solo O/S 24/Jul/12Almscliff
CD 27 Problem 1VB 4a Sent O/S 26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 27 Problem 2f2 Sent O/S 26/Jun/12Almscliff
Chipped Slabf2 Sent O/S 26/Jun/12Almscliff
Out of Pocketf5 Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 27, Problem 6V0 5b Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 27, Problem 7V0 5a Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
Shadow Facef4 Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 27, Problem 13V0 5b Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
Classic Traversef4+ *Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
Classic Traversef4+ *Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
High Level TraverseVS 4c *Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 21 problem 14 - Birds Nest WallV3 6a Sent O/S 26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 21 - Problem 15V2 5c Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 21 - Problem 16V0 5a Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
South Face ClimbMVS 4b *Sent O/SAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 25 Problem 6 - Wall of Horrors Startf6B *Sent xAmy26/Jun/12Almscliff
CD B24 P12V1 5c Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
CD B24 P13VB 4c Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Mini Wallf3 Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Rocking Stone Traversef4 Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
The Rocking Stone Rooff4+ *Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Rocking Aretef4 Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Breakfestf6A Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
The Crucifix Aretef6A+ *Sent x 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 20 Problem 5 The Crucifix - Sit Down StartV4 6a Sent x 19/Jun/12Almscliff
The Crucifix "Warm Up" Traversef6A+ **Sent x 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Dolphinian StartV1 5c *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Central CrackHS 4b *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Jacob's Ladder Startf5 *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Short AreteV3 6a Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Hamble's Aretef3+ Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Jemimaf3 Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Bungle Traversef3 Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 11V0 4b Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 10V0 4a Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 5 (Sit Start)V4 6b *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Field Faref5 *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 4V0 5a Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 2aV0 5a *Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Fledglingf4+ Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 1 - Problem 1aV0 4c Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Field Mousef4+ Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
Overhanging Nosef6A *Sent x 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 3 problem 3 Slippery CornerV0 4a Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
The Earf4+ **Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 3 - Problem 5V0 4b Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
CD 3 Problem 9V0 5a Sent O/S 19/Jun/12Almscliff
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