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NameStyleDate Crag name
Fil a PlombAltLd O/S10/Mar/15Col du Plan
E Tutto RelativoAltLd O/S04/Mar/15Valeille Rive Droite
Hard Ice In The Rock DirectAltLd O/S04/Mar/15Valeille Rive Droite
Mini CouloirAltLd O/S01/Mar/15Rive Gauche - Argentiere...
KavourasLead G/U04/Feb/15Diarizos
6a+ my ass (AKA Hawkeye)Lead G/U04/Feb/15Diarizos
Ta 3 gourounakiaLead O/S04/Feb/15Diarizos
MidheiaLead dnf04/Feb/15Diarizos
KalamarasLead RP28/Jan/15Diarizos
Oi re daskaleLead rpt28/Jan/15Diarizos
6a+ my ass (AKA Hawkeye)Lead dog28/Jan/15Diarizos
GuruLead G/U21/Dec/14Diarizos
Oi re daskaleLead21/Dec/14Diarizos
O Kolos tou daskalouLead21/Dec/14Diarizos
Megisti DhinamiLead RP19/Nov/14Diarizos
No pumpLead29/Oct/14Diarizos
Epea PteroendaLead29/Oct/14Diarizos
Full MontyLead O/S18/Oct/14Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
RequiemLead O/S18/Oct/14Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
DocumentalLead O/S18/Oct/14Collegats (La Pobla de Segur)
El ToniLead O/S17/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Petit SoLead O/S17/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Georg is OnLead O/S17/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
KarmapaLead O/S17/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
DivendresLead O/S16/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Dau al Set L1Lead O/S16/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Espelon de Rojos L1Lead dog16/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
4 Acres y una MulaLead O/S16/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Pre-SkoolLead O/S15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Idioma dels OcellsLead RP15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Old SkoolLead O/S15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
MiralepaLead O/S15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
TilopaLead RP15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
EcodharmaLead β15/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Battery ChatLead O/S14/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Lax n bustiaLead O/S14/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
Primer DesplomLead dog14/Oct/14Abella de la Conca
DeceptionLead O/S10/Oct/14Cape Greco
Hanging AroundLead O/S10/Oct/14Cape Greco
Short Sharp ShockLead O/S09/Oct/14Tigani Rocks (Cape Greco)
Halcyon DazeLead O/S09/Oct/14Tigani Rocks (Cape Greco)
The Final CutLead O/S09/Oct/14Tigani Rocks (Cape Greco)
Pulp FrictionSolo O/S09/Oct/14Tigani Rocks (Cape Greco)