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Logbook for ChrisCon1991

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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Line (Jump Start)Sent β18/Jan/15Rowtor Rocks
The Cave ProblemSent β18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Grizzly AreteSent x18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Dry Wit in a Wet CountrySent x18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Kermit's Ears-???/2015Rowtor Rocks
Pig TroughSent β???/2015Rowtor Rocks
Banana FingerSent β20/Dec/14Burbage North
Banana ReverseSent x20/Dec/14Burbage North
Silk StartSent x20/Dec/14Stanage Plantation
Full Green Traverse/Dope on a SlopeSent x30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
The Weedkiller TraverseSent x09/Nov/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
La LetrinaSent β11/Oct/14Albarracin
4shitSent x11/Oct/14Albarracin
ZooruyoSent x11/Oct/14Albarracin
La RaveSent x11/Oct/14Albarracin
ZarzamoraSent x11/Oct/14Albarracin
TEC-B18-L1Sent x10/Oct/14Albarracin
CAB-B2-L6Sent O/S09/Oct/14Albarracin
CAB-B2-L6Sent O/S09/Oct/14Albarracin
CAB-B2-L1Sent O/S07/Oct/14Albarracin
CAB-B2-L1Sent O/S07/Oct/14Albarracin
Left Wall Traverse Low (flake start)Sent22/Sep/14Parisella's Cave
Rocket RideSent07/Sep/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The NoseSent β07/Sep/14Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
La Marie Rose (Red 22)Sent x??/Aug/14Bas Cuvier
Spring SlabSent13/Apr/14Roaches Lower Tier
Sleeping with the Flowers-13/Apr/14Roaches Upper Tier
Limbless Limbo Dancer-13/Apr/14Roaches Upper Tier
Rocket Ride-???/2014Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Nose-???/2014Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Techo Don PepoSent x???/2014Albarracin
La Letrina (direct)Sent x???/2014Albarracin
ConfusionSent x???/2014Albarracin
PAR-B4-L4Sent O/S???/2014Albarracin
PAR-B4-L5Sent O/S???/2014Albarracin
PAR-B4-L1Sent O/S???/2014Albarracin
La LágrimaSent x???/2014Albarracin
ARR-B11-L1Sent O/S???/2014Albarracin
ARR-B11-L2Sent O/S???/2014Albarracin
El ChorroSent x???/2014Albarracin
TEC-B12-L4Sent x???/2014Albarracin
Tiro al BibedoSent x???/2014Albarracin
Tiro al BibedoSent x???/2014Albarracin
Banana Finger DirectSent x???/2014Burbage North
Too Hard for Mark LeachSent rpt??/Dec/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
A Little Extra (Direct Start Problem)Sent??/Dec/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Boot Boys StartSent rpt??/Dec/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
The Green TraverseSent rpt??/Dec/13Stanage Plantation