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NameStyleDate Crag name
Lucky StrikeLead rpt03/Jul/14Pass of Ballater
Razor's CrackLead O/S03/Jul/14Pass of Ballater
Jumbled Blocks CrackLead O/S03/Jul/14Pass of Ballater
BrutLead O/S03/Jul/14Pass of Ballater
White Hot HerniasTR RP15/Jun/14Fire Wall
Climb of the Ancient MarinerLead O/S14/Jun/14Melting Wall
The Cat and the CobraTR O/S13/Jun/14Cat Wall
Helga's Way / For HelgaLead O/S13/Jun/14Fire Wall
Groove TubeLead O/S12/Jun/14Fire Wall
ReminiscenceTR dnf10/Jun/14Dum's Kitchen
Rod Yak (Difficult to Pass)TR dog10/Jun/14Dum's Kitchen
Schlingel Moritz / Pahn Taalod / Always PassTR O/S10/Jun/14Dum's Kitchen
PlaceboTR dog08/Jun/14Tyrolean Wall
Missing SnowTR RP08/Jun/14Tyrolean Wall
Fire in the MindLead rpt03/Jun/14Crazy Horse Buttress
BackburnerTR03/Jun/14Crazy Horse Buttress
Ding DongLead O/S03/Jun/14Crazy Horse Buttress
SamuraiLead O/S03/Jun/14Crazy Horse Buttress
Ayah!TR???/2014Crazy Horse Buttress
NefertitiSent x30/Aug/13Ruthven Boulder
Builders ButtSent x30/Aug/13Ruthven Boulder
Puckered WallLead O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
SkelLead O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Channering Worm2nd dog28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Sip From the Wine of Youth Again2nd28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
MoonjellySolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Pinnacle Slab, Right EdgeSolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
XylesSolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Descent CornerSolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Velvet ScooterSolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
MidreiffSolo O/S28/Aug/13Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Gravity's Rainbow2nd dog26/Aug/13Ardmair Crags
The LedgeSent x25/Aug/13Ardmair Beach
The Pebbledash RoofSent x25/Aug/13Ardmair Beach
Obvious Risk2nd dog??/Aug/13Sickle Row
Mong2nd O/S??/Aug/13Sickle Row
Mao2nd O/S??/Aug/13Sickle Row
Roadside AreteSent x??/Aug/13Clach an Fhion
The FlakeSent O/S??/Aug/13Clach an Fhion
Shothole EliminateSent O/S??/Aug/13Clach an Fhion
Easy SlabSent O/S??/Aug/13Clach an Fhion
The Domino Effect2nd dog??/Aug/13Covesea
Banana Republic2nd O/S??/Aug/13Covesea
Annie Hall2nd O/S??/Aug/13Covesea
The WallSent x??/Jul/13Boltsheugh
AreteSent x??/Jul/13Boltsheugh
The OverhangSent x??/Jul/13Boltsheugh
DrookitTR RP??/Jul/13Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Escape the BeastiesSent O/S??/Jul/13The Mushroom
Broken Flake AreteSent O/S??/Jul/13The Mushroom