37 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Troutdale PinnacleLead O/S12/Jul/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Jackos BeardLead O/S11/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Tight Fit2nd O/S08/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Runs2nd O/S08/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Tarter's Crack2nd dnf08/Jul/13Red Crag, Newlands
Kremlin Groove-08/Jul/13Red Crag, Newlands
The Knacker's YardLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Horse and Farrier SpecialLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
A Day at the RacesLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
A Day at the RacesLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Ballet MecaniqueLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Midge WallLead O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
The RaceTR O/S07/Jul/13Swirl Crags
The First One2nd O/S06/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Chockstone Chimmney2nd O/S06/Aug/12Huntly's Cave
Doddle DiedreLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
GibbonLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Diedre of DoubtLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Right SideLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Left SideLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Huggy BearLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Shadow FlakeLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Sunset SongLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
SunshineLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
StegosaurusLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
BlockbusterLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
BombproofLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Staircase CrackLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Green CrackLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
RightLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
CentreLead O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Left2nd O/S06/Aug/12Cummingston
Right-Angled Gully2nd O/S16/Jun/12The Cobbler
The ProphetLead O/S16/Jun/12Cummingston
Diedre of Double DoubtLead O/S11/Jun/12Cummingston
Recess Route2nd O/S16/May/12The Cobbler
Original Route2nd O/S27/Aug/11Old Man of Stoer