103 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sarnief6A *-17/May/15Caley Crags
The Big Loubowskif6A+ *-13/May/15Caley Crags
Ice Cream Sundayf3+ -20/Apr/15Caley Crags
FABf5 -20/Apr/15Caley Crags
Scone Slab Leftf5 -20/Apr/15Caley Crags
Scone Aretef3+ *-20/Apr/15Caley Crags
Ninety Nine with a Flake (Block)f6B **-20/Apr/15Caley Crags
Slot Sitdownf6A+ Sent O/S12/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Jerry's FinishV5 6b Sent x12/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Big BusinessV1 5b Sent O/S12/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Slot Sitdownf6A+ Sent12/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Bogside FlakesV0+ 5b *-12/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Angry Waspf6A+ -11/Apr/15Caley Crags
Our Father's Aretef6A+ **-14/Mar/15Caley Crags
Gloryf6A Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Bockerf5+ *-07/Feb/15Caley Crags
Knickerf5+ *-01/Feb/15Caley Crags
Chicken Heads (no flake)f5+ -???/2015Caley Crags
Chicken Headsf5 *-???/2015Caley Crags
Rough Rib (Right)f5+ -03/Sep/14Caley Crags
The Groovef5 -03/Sep/14Caley Crags
The Groove Sitterf6A+ *-03/Sep/14Caley Crags
New Jerusalemf7A ***-14/Jun/14Caley Crags
Forked Lightning Crackf6B+ **Sent21/May/14Caley Crags
Acme WallE3 6a *Solo05/May/14Brimham Rocks
Bullworkerf6B *-22/Mar/14Stanage Plantation
Manson's Wallf6C ***Sent x16/Nov/13Shipley Glen
Sidestepf5 -27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Darksidef5+ -27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Trackside Leftf4+ -27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
CD B15 Edges, P6V0 5a *-27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Cubicf6A+ **-27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Trenchf5+ *-27/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Morris Minorf3 -26/Jul/13Caley Crags
Morris Crackf4 *-26/Jul/13Caley Crags
Backhanderf6A ***Sent O/S21/Jul/13Almscliff
Que Fastidiof6A+ **Sent O/S21/Jul/13Almscliff
Swampy Aretef6C+ **Sent x21/Jul/13Almscliff
Pocket's Wallf6A Sent07/Jul/13Rothley Crag
Reclaimed SSf7A Sent07/Jul/13Rothley Crag
The Groovef4 Sent07/Jul/13Rothley Crag
Hanging Arete Variationf4 Sent07/Jul/13Rothley Crag
Photo Opportunity Aretef5 *Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
Aretef6A Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
The Wall (Warm Up Area)f5 Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
Short Crackf3 Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
Long Crackf3 Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
Hardf6B Sent06/Jul/13Hepburn
Kai's Wallf4 -05/Jun/13Hunter's Stones
Twin Aretesf6A -05/Jun/13Hunter's Stones