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Logbook for delakosta

29 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Karharias6a Lead O/SNausika Frima03/Nov/13Sesi
Kyklamino5c **Lead O/SNausika Frima03/Nov/13Sesi
Kroki6a *TR rptNausika Frima03/Nov/13Sesi
Moudgahedin6a **Lead O/SNausika Frima03/Nov/13Sesi
Agelos5a **Lead O/SNausika Frima28/Oct/13Dolphin Bay
Festival 095c *Lead O/SNausika Frima28/Oct/13Dolphin Bay
Irene5c *Lead O/SNausika Frima28/Oct/13Dolphin Bay
Bang / Bang5c *Lead O/SNausika Frima28/Oct/13Dolphin Bay
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/SNausika Frima28/Oct/13Summertime
Antilohos5c **Lead O/SNausika Frima27/Oct/13Iliada
Beautiful Helen6a+ ***Lead O/SNausika Frima27/Oct/13Iliada
Ekavi6a+ ***Lead O/SNausika Frima27/Oct/13Iliada
Ajax5a ***2nd O/SNausika Frima27/Oct/13Iliada
Ulysse6a **Lead O/SNausika Frima27/Oct/13Iliada
Comicland5a **Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
2F@5a *Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Swedish Blonde5a **Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Newcomer5c ***Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Rockcleaner5a **Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Stats For Heroes5c ***Lead O/SNausika Frima26/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Ballroom5c *Lead O/SNausika Frima25/Oct/13Palace
Pikata5c *Lead O/SNausika Frima25/Oct/13Palace
Graue Hirsche5a Lead O/SNausika Frima25/Oct/13Palace
To Oneiro Kai o Fobos5c *Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Agiofarango
Botanicos kipos5c Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Agiofarango
Tha sou matho ego4c Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Agiofarango
Les Absents ont Toujours Tort4a *Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Agiofarango
IN HAIR palm5a **Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Plakias Beach
Vandaloup5c **Lead O/SNausika Frima12/Aug/13Plakias Beach