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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Robin Hood's StaircaseVD LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Fairy ChimneyD LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Fairy Castle CrackVD *LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Intermediate ButtressVD *LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Scoop and CornerM LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Plantation
GabrielM LeadJulia Hinchliffe12/Jul/13Stanage Plantation
Think Again4a LeadCraig Russell07/Jul/13Cheddar Gorge North
Arcadia5a LeadChris Beloe07/Jul/13Cheddar Gorge North
Three Pounds Per Tonne4a LeadCraig Russell07/Jul/13Cheddar Gorge North
Tinker's CrackVS 4c *2ndAaron Vincent03/Jul/13Stanage Popular
CakestandS 4b LeadAaron Vincent03/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Lancashire WallHVS 5a *2ndAaron Vincent03/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Les Tongues3 LeadFlo Bennett19/Jun/13Secteurs De La Fissure...
Palavar-les-flots5a **AltLdAaron Vincent17/Jun/13Ailefroide Multi-Pitch routes
La Menant3+ AltLdAaron Vincent16/Jun/13La Draye Ailefroide
L'atomisable petit homme belge6a 2ndAaron Vincent16/Jun/13Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Luc y luc5a LeadAaron Vincent16/Jun/13Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Zombie Fute5a 2ndAaron Vincent16/Jun/13Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Wake Up, Time to Die6a+ *TRFraser29/Mar/13Battleship Back Cliff
Braer Rabbit4a LeadJulia Hinchliffe29/Mar/13Battleship Back Cliff
This is This4c *LeadJulia Hinchliffe29/Mar/13Battleship Back Cliff
Like a Drowning Man4a *LeadJulia Hinchliffe29/Mar/13Battleship Back Cliff
Baron's Revenge3 LeadJulia Hinchliffe28/Mar/13The Cuttings
Bonsai3+ LeadJulia Hinchliffe28/Mar/13The Cuttings
Slabtastic3 *LeadJulia Hinchliffe27/Mar/13Blacknor South
I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends5a LeadJulia Hinchliffe26/Mar/13Battleship Back Cliff
Don't Kill Me4a LeadJulia Hinchliffe25/Mar/13Blacknor South
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***LeadJulia Hinchliffe25/Mar/13Blacknor South
Sting in the Tail5c TRJulia Hinchliffe24/Mar/13The Cuttings
Amazonia4c LeadJulia Hinchliffe24/Mar/13The Cuttings
Lichen SlabS 4a LeadGen Sayer17/Mar/13Rivelin Edge
Grey SlabS 4b *2ndLouis Diaz06/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **LeadLouis Diaz06/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
Turret CrackHS 4b *2ndLouis Diaz06/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***2ndLouis Diaz06/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
Sickle ButtressS 4a *LeadLouis Diaz06/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
Dream Topping4c LeadPompey25/Oct/12Horseshoe Quarry
Icy CrackVS 4c *2ndJenny Banks21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
Side PlateS 4a 2ndJenny Banks21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
Heather CrackHVD 4a *2ndJenny Banks21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
Staircase RibD Lead O/SJenny Banks21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
YouthVD LeadJenny Banks21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
Dr. Sole and Mr. Sole3 LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
Never Lead a Numb Existence4a LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
Phil's Route4a LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
Days of Heaven4c LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
Love on the Rocks ;)5a LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends5a LeadEmily Stapleton-Jefferis30/Mar/12Battleship Back Cliff
Baron's Revenge3 Lead O/SGen Sayer24/Mar/12The Cuttings
Flying ButtressHVD ***2nd O/S 28/Jan/12Stanage Popular
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