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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Mr MenVS 4b **Lead 05/Sep/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky LizardHS 4b *Lead 05/Sep/12Auchinstarry Quarry
SpirogyraVS 4c Lead 05/Sep/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Kit KatD 3b Lead 25/Aug/12Craigmore
Arrowhead Left-HandS 4b Lead 25/Aug/12Craigmore
Mantelshelf WallVS 4c **Lead 19/Aug/12Loudoun Hill
Shattered CornerS 4a Lead 19/Aug/12Loudoun Hill
Conclusion WallHS 4b *Lead 19/Aug/12Loudoun Hill
Amphitheatre AreteD Lead 19/Aug/12Loudoun Hill
Sabre CrackVS 4c **Lead 18/Aug/12Craigmore
Grooved aretef4 4c Lead 18/Aug/12Craigmore
The NicheHS 4c *Lead 18/Aug/12Craigmore
Sabre CrackVS 4c **Lead 18/Aug/12Craigmore
Punk RockHVS 5a **Lead 12/Aug/12Neilston Quarry
Curving CrackHVS 5a *Lead 12/Aug/12Neilston Quarry
Easy GullyD Lead 05/Aug/12Neilston Quarry
Willie's RouteS **Lead 05/Aug/12Neilston Quarry
Pinkerton's CornerS Lead 05/Aug/12Neilston Quarry
Jack's RouteVD Lead 13/May/12Rosyth Quarry
DrizzleS Lead 13/May/12Rosyth Quarry
Grot CornerS Lead 13/May/12Rosyth Quarry
Chemical WarfareS *Lead 13/May/12Rosyth Quarry
TarS Lead 29/Apr/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Death is the HunterE5 6b/c ***TR 29/Apr/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Lara4c **AltLd 20/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Bella ruta4a *Lead 20/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Costilla4c *2nd 20/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Joaquin4c *Lead 19/Oct/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Er nu5c Lead 19/Oct/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Basillus5c **Lead 19/Oct/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Follaora5a *Lead 19/Oct/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Scorpion4c *2nd 18/Oct/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Vía Valencianos5c (VS) **2nd 17/Oct/11Penon de Ifach
Oma Sus5a **2nd 16/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
Lofi4c *2nd 16/Oct/11Sierra de Toix
BracketVD **Lead 19/Sep/11Crag Lough
West CornerS Lead 19/Sep/11Crag Lough
Face RouteS Lead 19/Sep/11Crag Lough
Wall and CrackD Lead 19/Sep/11Crag Lough
Route OneVD Lead 18/Sep/11Peel crag
JackdawD Lead 18/Sep/11Peel crag
SunsetMS ***Lead 18/Sep/11Peel crag
UlyssesVD *Lead 18/Sep/11Peel crag
Good Day SunshineVS 4b Lead 20/Aug/11Glen Croe
RitaVS 4c Lead 20/Aug/11Glen Croe
DorisVS 4b *Lead 20/Aug/11Glen Croe
SickleVD *Lead 26/Jun/11Rosyth Quarry
Andy's RouteVD Lead 26/Jun/11Rosyth Quarry
Grassy CrackS Lead 26/Jun/11Neilston Quarry
Lady MadonnaVS 5a *Lead 04/Jun/11Glen Croe
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