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Logbook for Larey

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Balch's SlideHS 4a *Lead O/SMax Ayrton01/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Odd BootsHVS 5b 2nd βMax Ayrton01/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***Lead O/SMax Ayrton01/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Four Steps to HeavenE2 5c ***2nd dogMax Ayrton01/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Tar's AreteVD 4a *Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Tar's CrackVD *Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Tar's WallHVD 4b Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Tar's TraverseD Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Tar's ClimbM Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Tar's GullyM Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
PigtailS 4a Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Barbette CrackHS 4b Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Barbette WallS 4a Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Barbette ButtressS 4b *Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Cannonball WallVD Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Gunner's GangwayD Solo O/S 17/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Shaky GullyS 4a Lead O/S 17/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
Bridge's VariationVS 5a *Lead O/S 17/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
WhimperS 4a 2nd β 17/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
Mill PondS Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Box Bay
Sweet Pea SouperVS 4b Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Box Bay
Surf's UpHS Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Box Bay
Jellyfish TicklerHS 4b Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Box Bay
SlingshotVD Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Box Bay
BlutoS Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Box Bay
PopeyeS Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Box Bay
Up And DownD Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Box Bay
Estuary Scum On The Welsh RivieraHVS 5b Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Box Bay
Snail CrackVD *Lead O/Smbroadhurst18/Aug/14Lawrencefield
StokedS 4a Lead rptmbroadhurst18/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Stoker's BreakVD Lead O/Smbroadhurst18/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Rum WallVD Lead O/Smbroadhurst18/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Yo-Ho CrackVD *Lead rptmbroadhurst18/Aug/14Birchen Edge
TyroneHVS 4c *2nd βmbroadhurst18/Aug/14Lawrencefield
Three Tree ClimbHS 4b ***2nd βmbroadhurst18/Aug/14Lawrencefield
NailsbaneHVD *Lead O/Smbroadhurst18/Aug/14Lawrencefield
Throw upV3 6a Sent O/S 23/Jul/14Ring Road Boulder
Left WallV2 5c Sent x 23/Jul/14Ring Road Boulder
Central WallV2 5c **Sent O/S 23/Jul/14Ring Road Boulder
Central AreteV1 5b **Sent x 23/Jul/14Ring Road Boulder
GimcrackVS 4c **2nd dog 09/Jul/14Millstone Edge
Embankment 1 - First PitchVS 4c *2nd β 09/Jul/14Millstone Edge
Embankment 2VS 4c **Lead O/S 09/Jul/14Millstone Edge
Covent GardenVS 4b **Lead O/S 09/Jul/14Millstone Edge
Little Flake (PDB p2)V3 6a Sent x 09/Jul/14Rheinstor
The Burning Spinster6b *Lead RPmbroadhurst13/Jun/14Penmaen Head
Intruder5c *Lead β 13/Jun/14Penmaen Head
Biggles Flies UndoneE1 5b *Lead RP 12/Jun/14Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeHVS 5a *2nd β 12/Jun/14Bus Stop Quarry
EquinoxVS 4c **2nd β 12/Jun/14Bus Stop Quarry
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