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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Corner ClimbVD *Lead21/Jun/15Sennen
Orange SliceVD Lead21/Jun/15Sennen
Bus RouteVD Lead20/Jun/15Tater-du
Fat PandaS 4a Lead20/Jun/15Tater-du
Mermaid's RouteVD *AltLd19/Jun/15Chair Ladder
KateVD Lead18/Jun/15Bosigran
Banana FlakeVD *Lead17/Jun/15Sennen
No NameHVD Lead17/Jun/15Sennen
StaircaseD *Lead17/Jun/15Sennen
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead24/May/15Blacknor South
Princess Bolting3+ Lead24/May/15Blacknor South
Imperfect3+ *Lead24/May/15Blacknor South
It's My Life5a *Lead24/May/15Blacknor South
Diamond Edge4a *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Diamond Solitaire3 *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
My Little Buddha2+ *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Slabtastic (Sunday swing)3 *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Suburban Dave3 *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Sketchtastic3+ *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
A Nugget of Purest Green4a Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Vertical Thrill4a *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
The Bolt Factory4c *Lead23/May/15Blacknor Beach
Geez Louise5b Lead07/Mar/15Shipwreck Cove
Holds May Spin5a *Lead07/Mar/15Shipwreck Cove
The Trevena Fish Hotel4b *Lead07/Mar/15Shipwreck Cove
Scurvy Dog5b **Lead24/Jan/15Shipwreck Cove
Filial Duty5a Lead24/Jan/15Shipwreck Cove
Pysgodwibblywobbly5a *Lead24/Jan/15Shipwreck Cove
Names from Rogers Profanisorous5b *Lead24/Jan/15Shipwreck Cove
Wall Climb IID Lead23/Nov/14Three Cliffs Bay
Wall ClimbD Lead23/Nov/14Three Cliffs Bay
Left Corner ID Lead23/Nov/14Three Cliffs Bay
MeanderD Lead23/Nov/14Three Cliffs Bay
Joggled WallVD Lead23/Nov/14Three Cliffs Bay
ColumnS 4a Lead02/Nov/14Boiler Slab
Scent of muttonS 4a Lead02/Nov/14Boiler Slab
Atomic Wedgie6a Lead25/Oct/14Trial Wall
Yellow EdgeS Lead25/Oct/14Sheepbone Wall
First you must find a shrubbery and then place it here.HS 4a Lead18/Oct/14Trebanog
Eastend GrooveHS 4a Lead18/Oct/14Trebanog
Desperate AreteS Lead18/Oct/14Trebanog
Last AreteHS 4c **Lead18/Oct/14Trebanog
SeamstressVS 4c ***Lead05/Oct/14Serengeti
Feeling Rusty?6a+ Lead05/Oct/14Australia
Clash of the Titans6a *Lead05/Oct/14Australia
Direct RouteVD ***AltLd04/Oct/14Milestone Buttress
Rowan RouteD *AltLd04/Oct/14Milestone Buttress
Amazonia4c -14/Sep/14The Cuttings
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead13/Sep/14Blacknor South
Imperfect3+ *Lead13/Sep/14Blacknor South