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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
NeaVS 4b **AltLd O/SCerris Starkey04/Aug/14Clogwyn y Grochan
SeamstressVS 4c ***2nd βCerris Starkey03/Aug/14Serengeti
Seconds Out6a Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Legaston Quarry
The Rocking Stone4a Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Legaston Quarry
Fred Flintstone3+ Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
Cow And Chicken3+ Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
Top Cat4a Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
A Grand Day Out4c Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
The Wrong Trousers4a Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
Steppeladder4a Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
Steppin' Out4c Lead O/SCerris Starkey12/Apr/14Arbroath
NE Face5.6 ***2nd dnf 03/Jul/12Chinaman's Peak (aka Ha Ling)
Keelhaul Wall5.6 2nd O/S 02/Jul/12Kid Goat
Gray Waves5.8 2nd O/S 02/Jul/12Kid Goat
Son of Eggplant (A5)5.9 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A65.7 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A75.7 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A95.8 *Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A105.5 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A135.5 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A145.6 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
A155.7 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
D35.5 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
D45.6 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
D55.6 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
F75.8 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
F 85.7 Lead O/S 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
F65.10a Lead dog 04/May/12Wasootch Slabs
Tiger5.5 Lead O/S 03/May/12Grassi Lakes
I'd Rather Be Golfing5.5 Lead O/S 03/May/12Grassi Lakes
Hole in One5.7 *Lead O/S 03/May/12Grassi Lakes
Elk Don't Golf5.5 Lead O/S 03/May/12Grassi Lakes
La roja una3 *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Asombroso3+ *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Costilla4c *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
La roja dos4a *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Bella ruta4a *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Ocho fixe4a *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
La roja tres5a *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
La roja quatro3 *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Kalk Svott Wiehnul6b *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Coming back to Life6c *Lead O/S ??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Dire Straits5c *Lead O/SThomas Grainger??/May/10Sierra de Toix
Espolón Central4c ***AltLd O/SThomas Grainger??/May/10Puig Campana
NasenbarV- Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Vilser Platte
Anfager-RissV- Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Vilser Platte
Linke KanteIII Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Ziegel Wies
Linke PlatteVI Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Ziegel Wies
Wanne directVI Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Ziegel Wies
RissIII Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Ziegel Wies
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