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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Recess CrackVD *2ndSimon Burn19/Oct/14Bamford Edge
Bilberry Crack (Bamford)VS 5a **2ndSimon Burn19/Oct/14Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackHS 4b ***LeadSimon Burn19/Oct/14Bamford Edge
Curving CrackVS 4c *2ndSimon Burn19/Oct/14Bamford Edge
Sandy CrackS 4b *LeadSimon Burn19/Oct/14Bamford Edge
Custard CrackVS 4b *LeadVikki Haydock11/Sep/14Giggleswick South
February WallVS 4c *LeadVikki Haydock11/Sep/14Giggleswick South
Summer PuddingHS 4b LeadVikki Haydock11/Sep/14Giggleswick South
FlakeS LeadVikki Haydock09/Sep/14Crookrise
Straight CrackS LeadVikki Haydock09/Sep/14Crookrise
BusterS 4a **2ndCMC09/Sep/14Crookrise
White WallS 4a LeadVikki Haydock03/Sep/14Oxenber
Twin CracksHS 4a *LeadVikki Haydock03/Sep/14Oxenber
Burnt NortonHS 4a LeadVikki Haydock03/Sep/14Oxenber
Meall Corranaich summitsummit - 27/Aug/14Meall Corranaich
Beinn Ghlas summitsummit - 27/Aug/14Beinn Ghlas
Ben Lawers summitsummit - 27/Aug/14Ben Lawers
Ben Lawers - Creag an Fhithich summitsummit - 27/Aug/14Ben Lawers - Creag an Fhithich
An Stuc summitsummit - 27/Aug/14An Stuc
Meall Garbh summitsummit - 27/Aug/14Meall Garbh
After 8 CrackHS 4b *LeadVikki Haydock07/Aug/14Giggleswick South
T-BoneMVS 4b *LeadVikki Haydock07/Aug/14Giggleswick South
L.S.DE1 5b *2ndCMC29/Jul/14Pot Scar
Boil the Breakfast EarlyVS 4c *LeadCMC29/Jul/14Pot Scar
Time MachineHS 4a *LeadVikki Haydock29/Jul/14Attermire Scar
Crossroads ButtressHS 4b **LeadVikki Haydock24/Jul/14Oxenber
GrandadS 4a **LeadVikki Haydock24/Jul/14Oxenber
Layback CrackMS LeadVikki Haydock22/Jul/14Great Close Scar
ChibukuHS 4b LeadVikki Haydock22/Jul/14Great Close Scar
BreakawayHS 4a *LeadVikki Haydock17/Jul/14Great Close Scar
Deo GratiasS LeadVikki Haydock17/Jul/14Great Close Scar
Sleeping RoughHS 4b LeadVikki Haydock17/Jul/14Great Close Scar
Left-hand RouteVD LeadCMC15/Jul/14Deer Gallows
Zig ZagMVS 4b LeadCMC15/Jul/14Deer Gallows
Right-hand routeVD *SoloCMC15/Jul/14Deer Gallows
VetchVS 5a *LeadVikki Haydock10/Jul/14Pot Scar
Dog LeadHVS 5a *LeadDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Y FrontS 4a *LeadDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Hidden CrackS 4a 2ndDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Arete DirectVS 4c ***2ndDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Simple SimonS 4b **2ndDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Hidden ChimneyVD LeadDave Hunter29/Jun/14Simons Seat
Straight CrackMS *LeadVikki Haydock26/Jun/14Attermire Scar
Spider WallHS 4b **LeadVikki Haydock26/Jun/14Attermire Scar
FlakeyHS 4a **LeadVikki Haydock26/Jun/14Attermire Scar
FantasyMS **LeadVikki Haydock26/Jun/14Attermire Scar
Christmas CrackerVS 5a **LeadCMC24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
Ash Tree CrackHS 4b *LeadCMC24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
Wobbling WallHVD **LeadCMC24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
The GangwayHS LeadVikki Haydock21/Jun/14Attermire Scar
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