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Logbook for SarahCadwallader

27 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Na Fen5c 2nd O/Skieran17/Apr/13Margalef
Po zi5c 2nd O/Skieran17/Apr/13Margalef
No os Durmais6a 2nd O/Skieran17/Apr/13Margalef
Wesdel4a Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Via del Pollo5a Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Via del Pollito5a Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Maxi-Kosi4c Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Shucran6a+ TR dogkieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Canut4a Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Rin Tin Tin5a Lead O/Skieran14/Apr/13Margalef
Con Cintas y a lo Loco5c 2nd 14/Apr/13Margalef
Katulina4c *Lead RPkieran13/Apr/13Margalef
Rosco Guarro5a *2nd O/Skieran13/Apr/13Margalef
L Home Flor5c 2nd O/Skieran13/Apr/13Margalef
Air Bamba5c 2nd O/Skieran13/Apr/13Margalef
A mi Plin5a Lead O/Skieran13/Apr/13Margalef
Tronco Quemao4a Lead O/Skieran13/Apr/13Margalef
Menuts4a Lead RPkieran11/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Primera5c 2nd O/Skieran11/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Súper fisura5c ***2nd O/Skieran11/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Passatemps5c 2nd O/Skieran10/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Fletxa directa5c *2nd O/Skieran10/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Capritxo5c 2nd O/Skieran10/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Monolit groc5c *2nd O/S 09/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Ay candemor5a **2nd O/S 09/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Rollito love5a 2nd O/S 09/Apr/13Siurana - Village
Currupipi5a 2nd O/S 09/Apr/13Siurana - Village