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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Taking a WingerE2 5c *-??/May/13Stanage Popular
Long John's SlabE3 5c **TR O/S??/May/13Froggatt Edge
Cave ButtressS 4b **Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage North
FateE2 5c *TR O/S??/May/13Stanage North
Uno CrackD *Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage North
Duo Crack ClimbVD *Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage North
The Irrepressible UrgeE1 5b *Lead O/S??/May/13Burbage North
Left Recess CrackS 3c Lead O/S??/May/13Burbage North
Long Tall SallyE1 5b ***Lead dog??/May/13Burbage North
Right Twin CrackHVD 4a *Lead O/S??/May/13Burbage North
Left Twin CrackS 4a *Lead O/S??/May/13Burbage North
Verandah WallVS 4c Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage Popular
Wing WallD Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage Popular
Paradise WallVS 4c ***Lead O/S??/May/13Stanage Plantation
Pocket Wall DirectV4 Sent O/S27/Apr/13Cromlech boulders
Pump TraverseV4 6a **-27/Apr/13RAC boulders
Warm-up Traversef5 **Sent O/S22/Apr/13Water-cum-Jolly
A Bigger Prizef7A Sent22/Apr/13Water-cum-Jolly
NightmareVS 4b *Lead O/S20/Apr/13Anglezarke Quarry
Whittaker's OriginalHS 4a **Lead O/S20/Apr/13Anglezarke Quarry
After the BlitzVS 4b Lead O/S20/Apr/13Anglezarke Quarry
Side StepHS 4b Lead O/S20/Apr/13Anglezarke Quarry
Birthday CrackVS 4b *Solo20/Apr/13Anglezarke Quarry
First Roof LeftV3 6a Sent16/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
CydraxHVS 5b *Solo O/S16/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
Master of ThoughtE2 6a *Solo16/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
Chimes Startf6A+ **Sent10/Apr/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Too Hard For Mark Leach Footlessf7A Sent β09/Apr/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Razor Rooff6C *Sent04/Apr/13Cratcliffe Tor
Boot Boys Startf6C *Sent03/Apr/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Crescent Aretef5+ ***-03/Apr/13Stanage Plantation
No IdeaVS 4b Lead O/S??/Apr/13Wilton 3
Central CrackHVS 5a ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Wilton 3
DawnHVS 5b ***Lead O/S??/Apr/13Wilton 1
Coup De Patte (Red 15)f6A+ Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Réglette à Calcul (Blue 23)f5 Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Fracture (Blue 14)f4 Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Ligne Sécante (Blue 11)f3+ Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Page de Lecture (Blue 10)f4 Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Tire à Vue (Blue 4)f4 Sent19/Mar/13La Roche aux Sabots
Bicoiffef5 Sent19/Mar/13Gorge aux chats
Gigi (Red 19)f6B Sent19/Mar/13Gorge aux chats
Dallainf6A ***Sent19/Mar/13Gorge aux chats
Le Campanile (Red 2)f4+ **-19/Mar/13Apremont
Wave of Mutilation7a Lead O/S13/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Pale Rider6a *Lead O/S13/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Sag Ponir5c 2nd O/S13/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Mr. Cellulite's Arete6a+ Lead O/S13/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Cresent SlabV2 5c *Sent O/S06/Mar/13Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallV2 5c **Sent O/S06/Mar/13Curbar Edge