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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Stinky PinkyV3 -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Stinky pinky dynoV1 -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Crack JamV4 *-???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Stink PocketV2 *-???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Pump ItV4 -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Trust in EtherV2 -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Up the MuffV3 **-???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Shut up and dynoV3 **-???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Dead Dog DynoV4 -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Green MachineVS 4b -???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Morganf6B *-???/2015Mauchline Gorge
Summit or Plummetf6B *-???/2000Larbrax
Reach or Beachf6B *-???/2000Larbrax
Les Buis5c **-???/1994Presles
Chrysanthèmes6a+ **-???/1994Presles
Zig ZagS *-???/1994Rosa Slabs
ExtractionHVS 5a -???/1994Rosa Slabs
Evening TraverseVD -???/1994Rosa Slabs
Angels PavementS 4b **-???/1994Rosa Slabs
Angel's PavementS **-???/1994Rosa Slabs
GuttersnipeVS 4c *-???/1994Rosa Slabs
PochmahoneVS 4c **-???/1994Rosa Slabs
DoglegVS 4b **-???/1994Rosa Slabs
BlankVS 4b ***-???/1994Rosa Slabs
BlankistHVS 4c ***-???/1994Rosa Slabs
Route 2S -???/1994Rosa Slabs
Caliban's CreepVD **-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
Fourth WallS -???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
Artic WayVS 4c **-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
Sou'wester SlabsVD **-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
South Sou'wester SlabsS 4b *-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
West Flank RouteE1 5b ***-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
HammerVS 4c *-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
The South Ridge DirectVS 5a ***-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
MinotaurE1 5a -???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
LabyrinthVD **-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
The Rosetta StoneVS 5a **-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
Prospero's PreludeM *-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
Prosperos perilS 4b *-???/1993Cir Mhor (South Face)
The PeelerHVS 5b *-???/1993Garbh Bheinn, South Wall
Sgian DubhS **-???/1993Garbh Bheinn, South Wall
The PincerE2 5b ***-???/1993Garbh Bheinn, South Wall
The ClaspE1 5a *-???/1993Garbh Bheinn, South Wall
ExcaliburHVS 5a ***-???/1993Garbh Bheinn, South Wall
Boys don't cry6a+ -???/1993L'Aiguille de la Tour
Arete Sud6a -???/1993L'Aiguille de la Tour
Voyage a Zanzibar6c+ ***-???/1993L'Aiguille de la Tour
Vent de Sable6c **Lead???/1993L'Aiguille de la Tour
Trial Pursuit6b **Lead???/1993L'Aiguille de la Tour
Hanging DuckHS 4a -???/1992Portobello