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Logbook for StuartO

38 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The ProphetE2 5c **- ???/2013Cummingston
LeftVS 5a **- ???/2013Cummingston
CentreVS 4b **- ???/2013Cummingston
RightHVS 5b **- ???/2013Cummingston
Staircase CrackS - ???/2013Cummingston
Green CrackVS 4c - ???/2013Cummingston
Lumside CrackS - ???/2013Cummingston
The LumVD - ???/2013Cummingston
CascadeVS 5a - ???/2013Cummingston
Cornflake WallM *- ???/2013Cummingston
Rice Crispie WallD *- ???/2013Cummingston
The GrooveD - ???/2013Cummingston
BlockbusterVD *- ???/2013Cummingston
Doddle DiedreS *- ???/2013Cummingston
StegosaurusVS 4c **- ???/2013Cummingston
Easy AreteM - ???/2013Cummingston
Sunshine RoofHS *- ???/2013Cummingston
Sunshine GrooveS - ???/2013Cummingston
Sunshine RecessS - ???/2013Cummingston
Gorse RouteS - ???/2013Cummingston
Sunshine CrackVS 4c - ???/2013Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Left SideVD - ???/2013Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Right SideD - ???/2013Cummingston
Huggy BearVS 4c - ???/2013Cummingston
Sea LinkVD - ???/2013Logie Head
Sea UrchinHS 4b - ???/2013Logie Head
PoacherVS 4b **- ???/2013Logie Head
Cullenary DelightVS 5a ***- ???/2013Logie Head
The ClamD - ???/2013Logie Head
Cave DirectVS 4b - ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Cave RouteHS 4b ***- ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Central CrackHS 4b *- ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Dead Tree WallVS 4c *- ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Left RibVD *- ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Slot DirectS **- ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Step OverVD - ???/2013Huntly's Cave
The CurverS - ???/2013Huntly's Cave
Right-Hand GrooveVD *- ???/2013Huntly's Cave