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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Dreamtime7c+ ***Lead RPSharon05/Oct/14Kilnsey
Diminishing Returns7c **Lead RPSharon05/Oct/14Kilnsey
Visitation7b **Lead βSharon28/Sep/14Kilnsey
Hardy Annual7b **Lead O/SSharon14/Sep/14Kilnsey
Michelangelo6b **Lead O/SSharon25/Aug/14Bramcrag Quarry
Bram Crag Wall7a **Lead RPSharon25/Aug/14Bramcrag Quarry
Middle Earth7b *Lead βSharon25/Aug/14Bramcrag Quarry
Added Value7a+ **Lead O/SSharon24/Aug/14Kilnsey
WYSIWYG7b *Lead βkeefe17/Aug/14Kilnsey
The Directissima6c ***Lead βkeefe17/Aug/14Kilnsey
Fils de Pan7a ***Lead O/SSharon09/Aug/14Bielsa
Catiere les Points7b ***Lead O/SSharon09/Aug/14Bielsa
Carla7b *Lead O/SSharon09/Aug/14Bielsa
La Fauve6c **Lead βSharon07/Aug/14Bielsa
Terre Courage7b ***Lead O/SSharon07/Aug/14Bielsa
Terror Guantes7a **Lead O/SSharon07/Aug/14Bielsa
Araknofobia7a+ **Lead O/SSharon07/Aug/14Bielsa
Takoman L16c *Lead O/SSharon06/Aug/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 8 L16a ***Lead βSharon06/Aug/14Bielsa
Manu Tchao6c ***Lead βSharon06/Aug/14Bielsa
El Sr. de Itoiz7b **Lead RPSharon06/Aug/14Bielsa
Kundalili7c Lead RPSharon04/Aug/14Bielsa
Prima Vera7a+ ***Lead O/SSharon04/Aug/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 76b **Lead βSharon04/Aug/14Bielsa
Carlito7a+ ***Lead O/SSharon03/Aug/14Bielsa
Helas Bouteillas7a ***Lead O/SSharon03/Aug/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 96c+ ***Lead βSharon03/Aug/14Bielsa
La Desidia L1 + L2 (+L3)7b+ ***Lead O/SSharon03/Aug/14Bielsa
Super Reglettas7a+ ***Lead O/SSharon03/Aug/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 76b **Lead O/SSharon31/Jul/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 8 L16a ***Lead O/SSharon31/Jul/14Bielsa
La Soupe auz Choux7a **Lead O/SSharon31/Jul/14Bielsa
La Deche7b+ ***Lead O/SSharon31/Jul/14Bielsa
Limaco L1 + L27a+ Lead O/SSharon31/Jul/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 8 L16a ***Lead O/SSharon30/Jul/14Bielsa
Araknofilia6c+ ***Lead O/SSharon30/Jul/14Bielsa
A'Tchao7a+ ***Lead O/SSharon30/Jul/14Bielsa
Manu Tchao6c ***Lead O/SSharon30/Jul/14Bielsa
La Ballade L1 + L27a+ ***Lead O/SSharon30/Jul/14Bielsa
Arrampicata y Mozzarella L16c+ **Lead O/SSharon29/Jul/14Bielsa
50 Million Consommateurs7b ***Lead O/SSharon29/Jul/14Bielsa
Moi JE6c+ ***Lead O/SSharon29/Jul/14Bielsa
Consomme7a+ **Lead O/SSharon29/Jul/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 66b **Lead O/SSharon27/Jul/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 8 L1 + L27b ***Lead O/SSharon27/Jul/14Bielsa
Unknown Name 96c+ ***Lead O/SSharon27/Jul/14Bielsa
Ailenrock7a Lead O/SSharon27/Jul/14Bielsa
Solo Con Recete6a+ *Lead O/SSharon26/Jul/14Bielsa
Bicho L1 + L27b ***Lead O/SSharon26/Jul/14Bielsa
La Fauve6c **Lead O/SSharon26/Jul/14Bielsa
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