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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress DirectHS 4a ***2nd O/SNick Ingram14/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Heaven CrackVD ***Lead O/SNick Ingram14/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Scoop CrackHS 4b 2nd O/SNick Ingram14/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD ***Lead O/SNick Ingram14/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **Lead O/SNick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Green CrackVS 4b 2nd O/SSimon Kimber, Nick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Right-hand TrinityS 4a **Lead O/SNick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***2nd O/SNick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Christmas CrackHS 4a ***Lead O/SNick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Via MediaVS 4c **2nd O/SSimon Kimber, Nick Ingram13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
PharosHS 4b *Lead rptJude Ayres24/Aug/14Portishead Quarry
The AreteVD Lead O/SJude Ayres24/Aug/14Portishead Quarry
The BaldestHVS 5a *TR rpt 24/Aug/14Portishead Quarry
PickpocketHVS 5a **TR rpt 24/Aug/14Portishead Quarry
Boilerplate DirectVS 4b Lead rpt 26/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
The AreteD 4a *Lead rptNigel Evans26/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Pinnacle Rib RouteD **AltLd rptPhil Windall, Nigel Evans16/Nov/13Tryfan (East Face)
Traverse of Lliwedd1 **-Phil Windall06/Oct/13Lliwedd
The North Ridge (Summer)1 ***-Phil Windall05/Oct/13Tryfan
Bristly Ridge1 ***-Phil Windall05/Oct/13Glyder Fach
Y Gribin1 *-Phil Windall05/Oct/13Y Gribin
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***Lead rptNigel Evans11/May/13Fairy Cave Quarry
DexterS 4a Lead rptNigel Evans13/May/12Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Withy CrackHVS 5a **2nd rptNick Ingram06/May/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Real Men do Eat QuicheS 4a **Lead rptNick Ingram06/May/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***2nd rptNick Ingram06/May/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Overlapping Ridge RouteD **AltLd rptNick Ingram02/Oct/10Tryfan (East Face)
Suspension Bridge AreteHVS 5a **2nd dogNick Ingram25/May/09Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
SuspenseHVS 5a **2nd dnfNick Ingram25/May/09Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
NightmareS 4a *2nd rptNick Ingram25/May/09Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Flash Gordon's Trip to MarsE4 6a 2nd rptNick Ingram25/May/09Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
PickpocketHVS 5a **TR rpt 24/May/09Portishead Quarry
PharosHS 4b *Lead rptNigel Evans24/May/09Portishead Quarry
The AreteD 4a *Lead rptNigel Evans18/Mar/09Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Original RouteD Lead rptNigel Evans18/Mar/09Avon Gorge (Main Area)
The North Ridge (Summer)1 ***Solo O/SNigel Evans18/Oct/08Tryfan
Sub-Cneifion RibVD **Lead O/SNigel Evans13/Sep/08Sub Cneifion Rib
Cneifion AreteD ***Lead O/SNigel Evans13/Sep/08Cwm Cneifion
M2E1 5b *2nd rptNick Ingram01/Mar/08Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Dawn WalkS 4a *Lead rptNigel Evans18/Aug/07Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Larchantnone 5a *TR dog 15/Jul/07Bowles Rocks
Hennessy Heightsnone 5b *TR dnf 15/Jul/07Bowles Rocks
Pig's Nosenone 5a ***TR dnf 15/Jul/07Bowles Rocks
Corner Laybacknone 4c TR dnf 15/Jul/07Bowles Rocks
yosemite big wall climbnone 5b *TR dnf 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***TR O/S 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Wallnone 5b ***TR dnf 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
Senarranone 5a *TR O/S 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
Hell Wallnone 5a **TR O/S 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***TR dnf 14/Jul/07Harrisons Rocks
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