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NameStyleDate Crag name
Mushroom BoysLead26/Oct/14Ban-y-gor
The Gruesome ToothsomeLead26/Oct/14Ban-y-gor
Muddy WatersLead26/Oct/14Ban-y-gor
The Pink PunterLead O/S26/Oct/14Ban-y-gor
SoFB CountryTR dog26/Oct/14Ban-y-gor
PharosLead rpt22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
The Brink of SolarityLead β22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
Approaching MaturityTR O/S22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
Small Minded; Long WindedLead22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
FinesseLead O/S22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
The AreteLead O/S22/Oct/14Portishead Quarry
Bard the BowmanLead rpt12/Oct/14Goblin Combe
PippinLead O/S12/Oct/14Goblin Combe
The Clockwork FingerflakeLead β12/Oct/14Goblin Combe
...One for AllLead O/S17/Aug/14Shorn Cliff
The Phoney WarLead O/S17/Aug/14Shorn Cliff
State of IndependenceLead O/S17/Aug/14Shorn Cliff
Peace in Our TimeTR O/S17/Aug/14Shorn Cliff
NightmareLead rpt24/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Lup DupLead β04/May/14The Cuttings
Little SodLead04/May/14The Cuttings
The Bournemouth FlyerLead dnf04/May/14The Cuttings
Definitely MaybeLead04/May/14The Cuttings
Elephant on RollerskatesLead O/S04/May/14The Cuttings
Limbo DancerLead O/S04/May/14The Cuttings
Fallen Slab ArÍteLead O/S03/May/14Blacknor South
Losing My Sad TomatoTR dnf03/May/14Blacknor South
Birthday GirlLead O/S03/May/14Blacknor Central
Monsoon MalabarLead O/S03/May/14Blacknor Central
Desperate Death GullySent O/S03/May/14Blacknor Fort
Contre le SexismeSent03/May/14Blacknor Fort
Mercury and SolaceSent O/S03/May/14Blacknor Fort
Sub Rosa LeftSent03/May/14Blacknor Fort
Teenage RiotSent O/S03/May/14Blacknor Fort
Little ChefLead O/S03/May/14The Cuttings
Little ChefLead O/S03/May/14The Cuttings
Dinosaur BeachLead dog24/Apr/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
Green ParrotSolo RP19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Gunpowder CrackLead O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Green ChimneySolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Artillery CornerSolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
GangwaySolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Adjacent SlabSolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Bosun's SlabSolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Concave SlabSolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
VertigoSolo O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Curving CrackLead dog19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Greydon Boddington2nd O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
FizzLead RP19/Apr/14Bamford Edge
Wrong Hand Route2nd O/S19/Apr/14Bamford Edge