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Logbook for Frances Bensley

48 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
LetterboxS 4b AltLd O/S 31/May/14Sennen
Civvy RouteHS 4b Lead O/S 31/May/14Sennen
Respect d'Intentionf7A **Sent x 19/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
La Lunule (Red 1)f4+ **Sent β 19/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Le Gros Cerveau (Red 14)f5+ **Sent β 19/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Le Toit du Cul du Chienf7A ***Sent x 18/Apr/14Le Cul de Chien
Gravitonf7A *Sent x 17/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Danger Majeur Assisf7A **Sent x 17/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
La Voie Michaud (Black 22)f6C **Sent x 15/Apr/14L'Elephant
Le Surplomb de la Loupe / Le Toit du Loup (Black 31)f6B ***Sent O/S 15/Apr/14L'Elephant
La Charleuse (Green 26)f6A Sent rpt 15/Apr/14L'Elephant
Langouste Royalef7A ***Sent x 14/Apr/14Bas Cuvier
Sodaf4+ Sent O/S 14/Apr/14Bas Cuvier
La Jarretelle (Orange 34)f4 Sent O/S 14/Apr/14Bas Cuvier
Too Hard for Mark Leachf6C *Sent x 23/Feb/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Aphrodite7a **Lead O/S 15/Sep/13Grande Grotta
DNA7a ***Lead O/S 15/Sep/13Grande Grotta
Dryads6b **Lead O/S 14/Sep/13Poets
Sapfo6a+ **Lead O/S 14/Sep/13Poets
Red Sea Secrets7a ***Lead rpt 13/Sep/13Arginonda
Klausis6a **Lead O/S 13/Sep/13Arginonda
Igel6c Lead O/S 12/Sep/13Symblegades Petres
Drama6a+ ***Lead O/S 12/Sep/13Symblegades Petres
Phineas5c ***Lead O/S 12/Sep/13Symblegades Petres
Principessa Giulia6c+ ***Lead O/S 11/Sep/13Kastri
Tower Staircase5a *Lead O/S 11/Sep/13Kastri
Dragon's Lair6c *Lead O/S 11/Sep/13Kastri
Side cut6a+ ***Lead O/S 11/Sep/13Kastri
Il movimento sexi6a Lead O/S 10/Sep/13Ocean Dream
Femio6a+ **Lead O/S 09/Sep/13Odyssey
La Nescafé (Red 21)f6A ***Sent x 03/Sep/13Bas Cuvier
Zig ZagHVS 5a *Lead O/S 26/May/13Sennen
Little Brown Jug (Variation Start)HVS 5a Lead O/S 25/May/13Bosigran
Anvil ChorusVS 4c **AltLd O/S 25/May/13Bosigran
BoomerangV7 ***Sent x 18/May/13Clodgy Point
La Power-Lolotte / le Surplomb Statique (White 10)f6A+ Sent x 09/Apr/13Franchard Isatis
BloodlustV6 ***Sent x 19/Feb/13Clodgy Point
Suicide WallE1 5c ***AltLd β 30/Sep/12Bosigran
Demo RouteHS 4b ***Lead O/S 22/Sep/12Sennen
Le Moutonf6C Sent x 17/Apr/12Franchard Cuisiniere
Le Jeu du Toitf7A Sent x 16/Apr/12La Roche aux Sabots
Duroxmanie (Black 29)f6C ***Sent x 13/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Marie Rose (Red 22)f6A ***Sent x 10/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Joker (White 13)f7A ***Sent x 10/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
ParagonHVS 5a **AltLd O/S 29/Mar/12Bosigran
DoorpostHS 4b ***AltLd O/S 29/Mar/12Bosigran
FlankerHVS 5a *2nd O/S 24/Mar/12Trewavas Head Main Cliff
FlankerHVS 5a *Lead β 24/Mar/12Trewavas Head Main Cliff