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NameStyleDate Crag name
West Wall VariantLead O/S24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
West Wall DirectLead O/S24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
Yellow GrooveLead O/S24/Jun/14Ash Tree Crag
Fingers ClimbLead O/S17/Jun/14Pot Scar
Dodger2nd O/S17/Jun/14Pot Scar
PeriwinkleLead O/S17/Jun/14Pot Scar
Mutton Jeff2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Lamb Chops2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Meaty Options (Left)2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Meaty Options (Right)2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Mist over Malham2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Stone of Tears (sport)2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Pinnacle Flake2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
High Flyer2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
King Flush2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
What Remains2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Kings of the Stone Age2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Zoar2nd14/Jun/14Stoney Bank
Tombstone BluesTR O/S01/Jun/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Subterranean Homesick BluesTR O/S01/Jun/14Robin Proctor's Scar
The Modern PrometheusTR O/S01/Jun/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Dr Frank(enstein)'s NightmareTR O/S01/Jun/14Robin Proctor's Scar
PathfinderTR19/May/14Twistleton Scars
Curving CrackTR O/S19/May/14Twistleton Scars
OmTR O/S19/May/14Twistleton Scars
Wide AngleLead O/S14/May/14Panorama Crag (Austwick)
Belle Vue-14/May/14Panorama Crag (Austwick)
Point's of View-14/May/14Panorama Crag (Austwick)
Identity crisis-14/May/14Panorama Crag (Austwick)
News WeekTR dog14/May/14Panorama Crag (Austwick)
AlpiglenTR O/S28/Apr/14Giggleswick South
The Second Ice-fieldTR O/S28/Apr/14Giggleswick South
The White SpiderTR O/S28/Apr/14Giggleswick South
The Shattered PillarTR O/S28/Apr/14Giggleswick South
Pedestal Wall2nd O/S20/Aug/13Malham Cove
Straight Crack2nd O/S20/Aug/13Malham Cove
Straight UpLead O/S20/Aug/13Malham Cove
The Shrew2nd13/Aug/13Witches' Quarry
BroomstickLead dnf13/Aug/13Witches' Quarry
Witches' BrewLead13/Aug/13Witches' Quarry
CracklapLead13/Aug/13Witches' Quarry
SerenityLead13/Aug/13Witches' Quarry
Grooved Wall2nd O/S07/Aug/13Bull Scar
St George2nd O/S07/Aug/13Bull Scar
BlancoLead O/S07/Aug/13Bull Scar
Evening Star2nd O/S04/Aug/13Twistleton Scars
Priority Corner2nd O/S04/Aug/13Twistleton Scars
Supreme White2nd O/S04/Aug/13Twistleton Scars
The FretsawLead O/S04/Aug/13Twistleton Scars
Route 3TR O/S30/Jul/13Crookrise
Route 1TR O/S30/Jul/13Crookrise
Route 2TR O/S30/Jul/13Crookrise
EdgeTR dog30/Jul/13Crookrise
Diagonal Crack2nd O/S30/Jul/13Crookrise
Clinker2nd O/S16/Jul/13Ash Tree Crag
Guantanamo Bay2nd O/S16/Jul/13Ash Tree Crag
Papermate2nd O/S16/Jul/13Ash Tree Crag
West Wall Direct2nd O/S16/Jul/13Ash Tree Crag
Right of PassingTR13/Jul/13Attermire Scar
Wrinkle SlabTR13/Jul/13Attermire Scar
The Anchorman.com2nd O/S??/Jun/13Castleberg Crag
Lib/Dem Groove2nd O/S??/Jun/13Castleberg Crag
Town Hall Corner2nd O/S??/Jun/13Castleberg Crag
Interloper2nd??/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Living The Dream2nd??/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Gillercombe ButtressAltLd O/S??/Jun/09Gillercombe
Sourmilk GillSolo O/S??/Jun/09Gillercombe
'C' Ordinary RouteLead O/S???/2009Dow Crag