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NameStyleDate Crag name
IncompetenceLead O/S01/Nov/14Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Inelegance2nd O/S01/Nov/14Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Til TanitLead O/S23/Oct/14Summertime
3eme AgeLead O/S23/Oct/14Gerakios
Jolie EmilieLead O/S22/Oct/14Gerakios
MinionLead O/S22/Oct/14Gerakios
C U at the WallLead O/S21/Oct/14Arhi
GocceLead O/S21/Oct/14Arhi
PlaisirLead O/S21/Oct/14Arhi
Sponge DiverLead O/S21/Oct/14Arhi
HessgaLead O/S19/Oct/14Julian
Vathy viewLead O/S19/Oct/14Julian
EscorialLead O/S19/Oct/14Julian
Julian's first stepLead O/S19/Oct/14Julian
GlarosLead O/S18/Oct/14Sea Breeze
SeleneLead O/S18/Oct/14Sea Breeze
DrosiaLead O/S18/Oct/14Sea Breeze
KarlomanosLead O/S18/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Chero poliLead O/S18/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Elephant SlideLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
StubbornLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
MamutLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
Thick SkinLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
JumboLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
SafariLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
TrunkLead O/S16/Oct/14Elephant Slide
AnnaLead O/S15/Oct/14Summertime
JulyLead O/S15/Oct/14Summertime
DorianLead O/S15/Oct/14Summertime
SophiaLead O/S15/Oct/14Summertime
AmmosLead O/S15/Oct/14Summertime
High Speed VirginsLead O/S18/May/14Marian Bach
TanfasticLead O/S18/May/14Marian Bach
Krakatwo-erLead O/S18/May/14Marian Bach
MalibuLead O/S18/May/14Marian Bach
All the RoadrunningLead O/S18/May/14Marian Bach
Hot DogLead O/S19/Apr/14Trevor Rocks Area
Deputy DogLead O/S19/Apr/14Trevor Rocks Area
K9Lead O/S19/Apr/14Trevor Rocks Area
Choo ChooLead O/S09/Mar/14Australia
FfrindLead rpt23/Nov/13Castle Inn Quarry
Birthday BoyLead O/S23/Nov/13Castle Inn Quarry
InspirationLead rpt23/Nov/13Castle Inn Quarry
HessgaLead O/S28/Sep/13Julian
FraeseLead O/S28/Sep/13Julian
SpinnerLead O/S28/Sep/13Julian
FischLead O/S28/Sep/13Julian
Valery + ThomasLead O/S27/Sep/13Symblegades Petres
ThymianLead O/S27/Sep/13Summertime
DorianLead O/S27/Sep/13Summertime
JulyLead O/S27/Sep/13Summertime
AnnaLead O/S27/Sep/13Summertime
IlonaLead O/S26/Sep/13Arginonda
The Flying DrLead O/S26/Sep/13Arginonda
Missing ClinkLead O/S26/Sep/13Arginonda
Stock FishLead O/S26/Sep/13Arginonda
KatherinaLead O/S26/Sep/13Arginonda
OptasiaLead O/S24/Sep/13Arhi
AriannaLead O/S24/Sep/13Arhi
CerberoLead O/S24/Sep/13Arhi
AlbaLead O/S24/Sep/13Arhi
EasylandLead O/S23/Sep/13Dolphin Bay
Bang / BangLead O/S23/Sep/13Dolphin Bay
SisyphusLead O/S23/Sep/13Kastelli
Capt AdonisLead O/S23/Sep/13Kastelli
KokkinidisLead O/S23/Sep/13Kastelli
open your legsLead dnf03/Sep/13Castle Inn Quarry
Alone with the moon - right of the boltsLead O/S03/Sep/13Castle Inn Quarry
Easy PeasyLead O/S03/Sep/13Castle Inn Quarry
comeback kidLead O/S03/Sep/13Castle Inn Quarry
Cariad - ZimbaLead rpt03/Sep/13Castle Inn Quarry
Leo Saw Us RexLead O/S30/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
Isabella RoseLead dnf30/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
Tan y Lan KidsLead O/S26/Aug/13Penmaen Head
indian summerLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
MogadishuLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
School MamLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Happy ReturnSolo O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Madam ButterflyLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
TRFLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
One Fine DayLead O/S26/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Lili MarleneLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Alone with the moonLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Ice Cream and CandyflossLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
October PremiereLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Butterfly BlueLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
InspirationLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
AppenzellerLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
SmartieLead O/S20/Aug/13Castle Inn Quarry
Far Left Wall - problem 1Sent O/S20/Aug/13Meliden Quarry
The Decent - problem 2Sent O/S20/Aug/13Meliden Quarry
The End Of The Wall, Right Hand Side - problem 8Sent O/S20/Aug/13Meliden Quarry
TriliogyLead RP08/Aug/13Frogsmouth Quarry
Salad FingersSent O/S08/Aug/13Runcorn Hills
Siamber WenLead rpt04/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
The Purple Ladies Versus GodzillaLead rpt04/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
The Purple Ladies Versus GodzillaLead dog04/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
Llywelyn ap Gruffydd to Neil CrudLead O/S04/Aug/13Dyserth Castle Slab
TegengleLead O/S29/Jul/13Dyserth Castle Slab
Jason And The Aga NutsLead O/S29/Jul/13Dyserth Castle Slab
36 Bolts To Happiness!!Lead O/S29/Jul/13Dyserth Castle Slab
Siamber WenLead O/S29/Jul/13Dyserth Castle Slab
ZestLead rpt16/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry
Green SlabLead O/S16/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry
TriliogyLead dog16/Jul/13Frogsmouth Quarry
Wilderness WallLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
FinaleLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
Route 1Lead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
Hidden GemLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
TaidLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
FfrindLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry
NainLead O/S14/Jul/13Castle Inn Quarry