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NameStyleDate Crag name
Sheer Heart AttackLead RP12/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
A Poxy QueenLead O/S12/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Dustin Cough ManLead O/S12/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
VIP LungeLead RP12/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Play Dusty For MeLead O/S11/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Mawr, Mawr, MawrLead RP11/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
The Crimson KingLead RP11/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Little QueenLead O/S11/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
King AdaLead RP09/Apr/15Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Tickety-BooLead O/S08/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Sport WarsLead08/Apr/15Watch House Crag
The Drilling FieldsLead RP06/Apr/15Watch House Crag
St Vitus's DanceLead O/S06/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Trad ManLead O/S06/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Jaded LocalsLead O/S06/Apr/15Watch House Crag
ExcavationLead O/S06/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Still Nice and SleazyLead O/S05/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
The Italian GLead RP05/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
The Boy Did GoodLead O/S05/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Foxy LadyLead RP04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
The Power Of The Leopard Skin Leg WarmersLead O/S04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
A Leopard Cannot Change His SpotsLead O/S04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
Cunning Little FoxLead O/S04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
Basil BrushLead O/S04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
Chicken LickenLead dnf04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
The HookerLead dog04/Apr/15Foxhole Cove
Never Out-Fox the FoxLead O/S21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Unholy AllianceLead O/S21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Pioneers of the Hypnotic GrooveLead dog21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Joy de VivaLead O/S21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Marmalade SkiesLead RP21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
One Track MindLead RP19/Mar/15The Gap
The Mastic MickLead O/S19/Mar/15The Gap
Controlled EmissionLead O/S19/Mar/15The Gap
The Grout Of San RomanoLead RP19/Mar/15The Gap
King Ada / Strange Little Girl CombinationLead RP21/Sep/14Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Take Your Pants To HeavenLead RP21/Sep/14Quarry Mawr (Sirhowy)
Mouse TrapLead O/S12/Sep/14Navigation Quarry
Deus ex machinaLead O/S12/Sep/14Navigation Quarry
Alco-trollLead O/S12/Sep/14Navigation Quarry
Gold BlockLead O/S12/Sep/14Navigation Quarry
Magic TouchLead O/S11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Pelagic MushLead O/S11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
SideburnLead O/S11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
There's Life In The Old Dog YetLead RP11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Hanging By A ThreadLead RP11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Croeso-I-GymruLead O/S11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
PCBLead O/S11/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
The Big TissueLead O/S08/Sep/14Tyle-Y-Coch
PeachyLead RP08/Sep/14Tyle-Y-Coch