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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Axe Grinder7a+ ***Lead RPThemi06/Aug/14Creag nan Cadhag
Volturi6b+ Lead O/SThemi06/Aug/14Creag nan Cadhag
The Clansman7a+ *Lead RPThemi05/Aug/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
The EssentialE3 5c ***2ndpete michel13/Jul/14Rosehearty
The Fly6a+ **Leadpete michel13/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Pulling on Pebbles7a+ **Lead βpete michel13/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Constant Flux6c+ **Lead βpete michel13/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Silver Fox7a *Lead O/Spete michel13/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Little Teaser6b+ ***-Di Gilbert03/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Pebble Party6a *-Di Gilbert03/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
The Dark Side6c ***-Di Gilbert03/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Cloak And Dagger6c+ **Lead O/SDi Gilbert03/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
The ticks ate all the midgies7a ***Lead O/SDi Gilbert03/Jul/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Stonefall CrackHVS 5a **Lead 11/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
LongbowE1 5b **Lead 11/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
WindjammerHVS 5a **Lead 11/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Chemin de FerE5 6a ***Lead dogPatrick Hanlon11/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Abstract Art6c **Lead O/S 06/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Abstract Art6c **Lead O/S 06/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Hand-Out CrackE1 5c *2nd 01/Jun/14Creag Liath
Holyman6c ***Lead β 01/Jun/14Miracle Crag
Bible Babble6c *Lead RP 01/Jun/14Miracle Crag
Morfeas6b *Lead O/S 27/May/14Odyssey
Island Highway Extension6c *Lead O/S 27/May/14Odyssey
Island Highway6c **Lead O/S 27/May/14Odyssey
Satyros6c+ *Lead O/S 27/May/14Odyssey
Farapopoulos6b **- 26/May/14Symblegades Petres
Klettern Paradise7b ***Lead dnf 26/May/14Symblegades Petres
Facatelendos6b+ **Lead O/S 26/May/14Symblegades Petres
Skevos6c **Lead O/S 25/May/14Noufaro
Great Albert6c **Lead O/S 25/May/14Noufaro
Black Beauty7a **Lead O/S 25/May/14Noufaro
WalletteE2 6a **-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Zig ZagE1 5b *-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Zigzag Direct StartE2 5c *-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Mingy MetroE3 6a *-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Fraud EscortE3 5c *-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
J.P.S.HVS 5a *-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Plain SailingE1 5b ***-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
WallnutE3 5c ***-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
Ordinary RouteHVS 5a **-pete michel??/Apr/14The Souter (Fastcastle)
The View Belongs to Everyone6b **Lead βkaren macentyre26/Mar/14The Gallery
Route 36c ***Lead O/Skaren macentyre26/Mar/14Castle Inn Quarry
Cross Winds6c+ *Lead dogkaren macentyre26/Mar/14Castle Inn Quarry
Driving the Dumper6c *Lead RPkaren macentyre26/Mar/14Castle Inn Quarry
M407a *Lead O/S ??/Mar/14Arhi
The End of Mythos6c+ **Lead O/S ??/Mar/14Arhi
Probleme Mineur6b ***Lead O/S ??/Mar/14The Spartan Walls
Spasspartout6b **Lead O/S ??/Mar/14The Spartan Walls
Lucifer's Hammer6c ***Lead O/S ??/Mar/14The Spartan Walls
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