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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Patroclos Reborn7b ***Lead O/S 21/Oct/14Odyssey
Mikrotera Kalamarakia6b+ **Lead O/S 21/Oct/14Odyssey
Aphrodite7a **Lead O/S 20/Oct/14Grande Grotta
Fun de chichunne8a ***Lead RP 20/Oct/14Grande Grotta
Prophet Andreas7a ***Lead O/S 19/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Tyche6a+ ***Lead O/S 19/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Syrtaki lesson7c+ ***Lead RP 19/Oct/14Secret Garden
Magioros6c+ **Lead O/S 16/Oct/14Secret Garden
Dirlanda7b+ ***Lead O/S 16/Oct/14Secret Garden
K447a **Lead O/S 15/Oct/14Galatiani
Nymfi7b+ **Lead O/S 15/Oct/14Galatiani
B26a+ *Lead O/S 15/Oct/14Galatiani
Debout les Morts8a **Lead O/S 15/Oct/14Galatiani
Nissos Pita6b+ **Lead O/S 12/Oct/14Secret Garden
Ricci di Mare6b+ **Lead O/S 12/Oct/14Secret Garden
Sam Suffit7a **Lead O/S 12/Oct/14Secret Garden
Flood Gates (extension)8a+ ***Lead RP 12/Oct/14Secret Garden
Remetzo6c **Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Pomponpidoux7b ***Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Route 697b+ Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Melodrama6c+ ***Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Frapogalo6c ***Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Flood Gates (first part)6c+ **Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Ymer6b **Lead O/S 10/Oct/14Secret Garden
Piero & Angela6a **Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Material Man7a+ ***Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Tomboy6b+ ***Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Karpouzi6a ***Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Sea Urchin6a Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Elizabeth7a+ ***Lead O/S 09/Oct/14The Beach
Bratsera6c Lead 05/Oct/14Secret Garden
Ballos7a+ **Lead 05/Oct/14Secret Garden
Bourre Mais Pas Pleine7b+ ***Lead 05/Oct/14Secret Garden
Kaly Diva7c ***Lead 05/Oct/14Secret Garden
Kalolimnos6a+ **Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Achinos6a+ **Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Margarita6c **Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Ricounet7a ***Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Crisis7a ***Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Puffa Puffa Puffa7c **Lead O/S 03/Oct/14Secret Garden
Steinpilz7a **Lead O/S 02/Oct/14Panorama
Mon Batchounousougounoudoudou6c+ ***Lead O/S 02/Oct/14Spartacus
Aphrodisia6c+ **Lead O/S 02/Oct/14Spartacus
New Mystique6b+ *Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Kilnsey
Fatoliti's Cat6c Lead O/S 28/Aug/14Kilnsey
Mandela8a+ ***Lead RP 24/Aug/14Kilnsey
Slayer7c+ ***Lead RP 03/May/14La Baleine, St Leger
Le Debut de la Fin6a Lead O/S 03/May/14La Baleine, St Leger
A force de ne jamais reflechir, on a un bonheur stupide L17a **Lead O/S 03/May/14La Baleine, St Leger
C'est pas moi Monsieur l'agent7a+ **Lead O/S 02/May/14Saint Leger
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