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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The NoseHS 4a *Lead27/Sep/15Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Joggled WallVD Lead06/Sep/15Three Cliffs Bay
EnterprizeVS 4b *Lead06/Apr/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Swing to the RightE1 5b 2nd06/Apr/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
ProtusHVS 5a *Lead06/Apr/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
TritusHVS 5a *Lead06/Apr/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
PersephoneHVS 5a *Lead06/Apr/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
DisappointmentD *Lead08/Mar/15Three Cliffs Bay
SmaltVS 4c **Lead08/Mar/15Pobbles Bay
Cinders Catch5c Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
Dirty Innuendo5b Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
Cash in the Attic5a *Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
Holds May Spin5a *Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
Geez Louise5b Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
Lemon Soul6a **Lead05/Oct/14Rhossili Bay
AmbleVD 2nd30/Aug/14Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
SweynHS 4b Lead30/Aug/14Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
World War III BluesHVS 5b 2nd24/Aug/14Stennis Head
Cool for CatsE1 5b ***2nd24/Aug/14Stennis Head
Riders on the stormHVS 5a ***Lead24/Aug/14Stennis Head
DulferS 4a -15/Aug/14Yellow Wall, Eyeball Wall,...
Laughing Spam FritterVS 4b Lead03/May/14Trial Wall Area
Spades of Glory5c Lead03/May/14Trial Wall Area
A Day Out With DaveHVS 5a Lead??/May/14Yellow Wall, Eyeball Wall,...
Grey FaceVS 5a *TR04/Jan/14Curbar Edge
Shallow ChimneyVD *Lead02/Jan/14Curbar Edge
King RouteS Lead???/2014Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Bermuda ShortsHS 4a Lead21/Aug/13White Pillar
Grey SlabS 2nd21/Aug/13White Pillar
West KanteS 4a **2nd21/Aug/13White Pillar
Crack and SlabVD Lead21/Aug/13White Pillar
SizzlerE1 5a Lead21/Aug/13White Pillar
Needle CrackVS 4b **Lead25/Jul/13Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
PyttS 2nd25/Jul/13Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Cave TraverseHS 4a *Lead25/Jul/13Yellow Wall, Eyeball Wall,...
Bowen to the Inevitable6a **Lead31/May/13Bowen's Parlour
All Of A Quiver6a *Lead31/May/13Bowen's Parlour
Bowen Arrow6a TR31/May/13Bowen's Parlour
Pension Fund6a Lead12/Apr/13Craig y Pal (Glais)
Confidently Clipping The Corroded Contents of Goi'sGrandadsCabin5c Lead12/Apr/13Craig y Pal (Glais)
Creaking Flakes5c Lead12/Apr/13Craig y Pal (Glais)
Rib and CrackHS 4a Lead05/Apr/13Catacomb Gully
West Corner CrackHS 4b 2nd05/Apr/13Catacomb Gully
The JewelVS 4c *Lead05/Apr/13Catacomb Gully
GammaVS 4c Lead05/Apr/13Catacomb Gully
Raven Crag GullyIII ***AltLd02/Apr/13Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
South East GullyIII ***AltLd02/Apr/13Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)
Branch GullyI *Solo02/Apr/13Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)
Cust's GullyI **Solo02/Apr/13Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)
Window GullyII/III **AltLd02/Apr/13Great End (Sprinkling Tarn)