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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
DNA7a ***Lead05/Oct/15Grande Grotta
Aegialis7c ***Lead05/Oct/15Grande Grotta
Adolflahaut7a+ **Lead O/S02/Oct/15Secret Garden
Frapogalo6c ***Lead O/S02/Oct/15Secret Garden
Savina8a ***Lead02/Oct/15Secret Garden
Super Themelina7c+ ***Lead dog01/Oct/15Iannis
Sevasti7b ***Lead01/Oct/15Iannis
Adolf in the Bay6c+ ***Lead O/S01/Oct/15Iannis
Toni7c DWS dnf22/Sep/15Porto Cristo (Tower of...
Tower of Power7a Solo20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Forat7c+ DWS dnf20/Sep/15Porto Cristo (Tower of...
Morning Glory7a+ **DWS O/S20/Sep/15Porto Cristo (Tower of...
Whiplash7c **Solo19/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
In the Night, Every Cat is Black8a ***Solo dnf19/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Afroman7b ***Solo19/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
White Noise5c ***Solo19/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
The Mallorcan7a DWS18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
The Exhibitionist Finish7a+ **DWS18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
Wax7a+ ***DWS O/S18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
The Fulcher6b+ **DWS18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
Eatsy's cave (new)6b+ *Solo18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
Felcher6a+ **Solo18/Sep/15Sa Calobra
Vadage7c *Solo dnf17/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Under a dark sky6b **Solo17/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Westatrocity7b ***Solo17/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Bounty6c *Solo17/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Carlos Checa8a Solo dnf14/Sep/15Cala Barques
Watch for Jellies6c+ *Solo14/Sep/15Cala Barques
Catch 226c+ Solo14/Sep/15Cala Barques
Niagara Will Fall7a+ *Solo13/Sep/15Porto Colom - Lighthouse Area
I live in a cave6b+ **Solo13/Sep/15Porto Colom - Lighthouse Area
Bisexual7a **Solo12/Sep/15Cala Barques
Roter Baron6c *Solo12/Sep/15Cala Barques
Rumble in the Jungle8a+ **Lead dog06/Sep/15Water-cum-Jolly
Private GrippedE6 6b *Lead05/Sep/15Staden Main Quarry
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS01/Sep/15Cave Hole
Ixtlan6a ***DWS01/Sep/15Cave Hole
Crab Party6c ***DWS01/Sep/15Cave Hole
Bare Reputation7a+ ***DWS01/Sep/15Cave Hole
The MaypoleHVS 5a **DWS31/Aug/15Lulworth
Horny Lil' Devil7a ***DWS31/Aug/15Lulworth
Z-CarsE6 6b *DWS31/Aug/15Lulworth
FathomsE3 5b ***DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
The CongerE2 5c ***DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Snap, Crackle and PlopE3 5c DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
JelliedE3 5c *DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Freeborn ManE4 6a ***DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Troubled WatersHVS 5a *DWS29/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Rumble in the Jungle8a+ **Lead dog26/Aug/15Water-cum-Jolly
Brachiation Dance7b+ ***Lead26/Aug/15Water-cum-Jolly