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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
South-East RidgePD LeadLaura20/Aug/10Mönch (Bernese Oberland)
Arbengrat (WSW ridge)AD ***AltLd dnfMatt Quirk13/Sep/09Ober Gabelhorn
Combs ClimbS 4a *2nd O/SSecretSquirrel30/Aug/09Castle Naze
LatecomerHS 4b *2nd rptSecretSquirrel30/Aug/09Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's WallHS 4a *Lead rptHelen T, SecretSquirrel30/Aug/09Yarncliffe Quarry
Angular ClimbHVD 2nd O/SHelen T30/Aug/09Yarncliffe Quarry
Prospero's ClimbVD **Lead O/SHelen T29/Aug/09Stanage End
Maginazioni4a LeadLaura06/Jul/09Bavella
Chjacculella4c LeadLaura06/Jul/09Bavella
A qui vighjinu4c LeadLaura06/Jul/09Bavella
Macarellu4a LeadLaura06/Jul/09Bavella
Stondi4c LeadLaura06/Jul/09Bavella
Voie Rébuffat (South Face)D+ ***2nd dogTobias at Home04/Jun/09Aiguille du Midi
Chèré CouloirD ***AltLd O/STobias at Home28/Feb/09Mont Blanc du Tacul
Patri de gaucheWI4 ***AltLd O/STobias at Home21/Feb/09Valnontey Rive Droite
ThouleWI3 ***AltLd O/STobias at Home01/Feb/09Valnontey Rive Gauche
Papillons RidgeD+ ***AltLd O/STobias at Home31/Aug/08Aiguille du Peigne
North-East (Hornli) RidgeAD ***AltLd dnfSteve08/Aug/08Matterhorn
South-East RidgePD -Laura06/Aug/08Alphubel
South-East RidgeF **-Laura04/Aug/08Castor
South-South-West Flank (Normal Route)F -Laura03/Aug/08Breithorn
SE ridgeAD **AltLd O/STobias at Home19/Jul/08Tour Ronde
Gargoyle FlakeVS 4c ***Lead rptMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
Right-hand TwinHVS 5a *Lead rptMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
The Happy WandererHVS 5a **2nd O/SMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
Bamford WallS 4a **2nd rptMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
Shadow WallVS 5a *Lead dnfMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
PortholeHVS 5b 2nd O/SMun07/Oct/07Bamford Edge
Wall ClimbVS 5a **2nd O/SMun06/Oct/07Curbar Edge
Calver WallVS 5a **2nd RPMun06/Oct/07Curbar Edge
P.M.C.1HS 4a ***Lead O/SMun06/Oct/07Curbar Edge
October CrackHS 4b *2nd RPMun06/Oct/07Curbar Edge
Potter's WallHS 4b **Lead O/SMun06/Oct/07Curbar Edge
Lone Tree GrooveVS 5a **Lead O/SRosie A02/Sep/07Black Rocks
Bishop's RouteS 4a ***2nd O/SRosie A01/Sep/07Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***Lead O/SRosie A01/Sep/07Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***Lead O/SRosie A01/Sep/07Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **Solo O/SRosie A01/Sep/07Stanage Popular
Chockstone DirectS 4a *Solo O/SRosie A01/Sep/07Stanage Popular
Cordier PillarTD ***-Tobias at Home18/Aug/07Grand Charmoz
No MusketeersHVS 5a ***Lead rptMark Lim12/Aug/07Shorn Cliff
War of the WorldsVS 4c *Lead rptMark Lim12/Aug/07Shorn Cliff
...One for AllHS 4b **2nd O/SMark Lim12/Aug/07Shorn Cliff
The Phoney WarHS 4b *2nd O/SMark Lim12/Aug/07Shorn Cliff
ZeldaHS 4b ***AltLd O/SMark Lim11/Aug/07Wintour's Leap
CheetahHVS 5a **Lead dnfMark Lim11/Aug/07Wintour's Leap
FredaVS 5a ***2nd RPTobias at Home22/Jul/07Subluminal
A Dream of White HorsesHVS 4c ***AltLd rptSecretSquirrel29/Jun/07Gogarth North Stack and Main...
Lockwood's ChimneyD **SoloSecretSquirrel28/Jun/07Clogwyn y Bustach
SuperdirectHVS 5a **AltLd O/SSecretSquirrel28/Jun/07Milestone Buttress
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