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NameStyleDate Crag name
A Ride on the Chocolate UnicornLead O/S14/Oct/09Castle Quarry
For Fonting FriendsLead O/S14/Oct/09Castle Quarry
Dissertation DistractionLead O/S14/Oct/09Castle Quarry
SupertrampLead dog19/Sep/09Tirpentwys
Diamond DogLead rpt19/Sep/09Tirpentwys
Flakes and ChipsLead rpt19/Sep/09Tirpentwys
Ledge and BracesLead rpt19/Sep/09Tirpentwys
Over Easy2nd O/S09/Sep/09Pennard, Graves End Wall
ToetectorLead09/Sep/09Pennard, Graves End Wall
KaminLead O/S09/Sep/09Pennard, Graves End Wall
Sucking Dicks' Low FenacLead O/S05/Sep/09Mount Pleasant X1
Tramadol TripLead O/S05/Sep/09Mount Pleasant X1
Man In A Honda Over Yonder In RhonddaLead O/S05/Sep/09Mount Pleasant X1
Southern MountainsLead dog30/Aug/09Llanymynech Quarry
Foreign muckLead dog30/Aug/09Llanymynech Quarry
TGVLead O/S30/Aug/09Llanymynech Quarry
Who Fell in the PoubelleLead O/S30/Aug/09Llanymynech Quarry
Swashbucklin In BrooklynLead dnf13/Aug/09Taffs Well Main
Spirit Of MissouriLead dnf13/Aug/09Taffs Well Main
Taurus BulbousLead dog13/Aug/09Taffs Well Main
Fromage FraisLead O/S07/Aug/09Dinas Rock
Pot HeadLead O/S07/Aug/09Dinas Rock
The Deflated Dick-HeadLead O/S07/Aug/09Dinas Rock
SupertrampTR dog05/Aug/09Tirpentwys
RockyLead rpt05/Aug/09Tirpentwys
Monkey BusinessLead O/S08/Jul/09Mount Pleasant X1
Cox 2 InhibitorLead RP08/Jul/09Mount Pleasant X1
Voltarol VigourLead O/S08/Jul/09Mount Pleasant X1
OolacuntaLead O/S08/Jul/09Mount Pleasant X1
Mountain At The EdgeLead O/S08/Jul/09Mount Pleasant X1
Abra-Ker-Fucking-DabraLead O/S01/Jul/09Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Sorcerer's AssistantLead O/S01/Jul/09Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Smoke And MirrorsLead O/S01/Jul/09Witches Point (Stone Wing...
La Prima GocciaLead O/S25/Jun/09Cala Luna
MaleducatoLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
NatalieLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
Santa Peppina VergineLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
Sono un ragazzo padreLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
Geco in caloreLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
ScamorzaLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
PinocchioLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
Speedy caramelloLead O/S24/Jun/09Budinetto
Ponili PeppeLead O/S22/Jun/09Cala Fuili
MangaLead O/S22/Jun/09Cala Fuili
Zia LillithLead O/S22/Jun/09Cala Fuili
Spigolo FuiliLead O/S22/Jun/09Cala Fuili
DesideriaLead O/S22/Jun/09Cala Fuili
Kabuto MushiLead rpt03/Jun/09The Gap
Generation GapLead rpt03/Jun/09The Gap
Land Of The DinosaursLead dog03/Jun/09The Gap