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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Popeye meets the burrito master5.10d ***Lead dogBrian07/Oct/14The Pit
Silk Panties5.7 Lead O/SBrian30/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
The Last Panty5.7 Lead O/SBrian30/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Boxer Rebellion5.7 *Lead O/SBrian30/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Fandango5.5 **AltLd βRoger Truesdale, Brian21/Aug/14Flatirons - First Flatiron
T-Rect5.7 Lead βBrian16/Aug/14Jurassic Park, US
Triceratops5.8 Lead O/SBrian16/Aug/14Jurassic Park, US
Coloradoddity5.6 Lead O/SRoger Truesdale, Brian16/Aug/14Jurassic Park, US
Stout Blue Vein5.8 TRRoger Truesdale, Brian16/Aug/14Jurassic Park, US
Corner Buttress Route 1VD AltLd O/SBrian17/Jul/14Wintour's Leap
Jack the LadVS 4c TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Aces HighVS 4c **TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
TrumpsVS 4c *TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Trumps Right HandHS 4b TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Itchy and ScratchyVD SoloBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Pinnacle ChimneyD SoloBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Jug Handle Pull UpVD SoloBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Wall CentreVS 4b *TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Happy DazeVS 4c TRBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Double MantleshelfVD SoloBrian18/Jun/14Slipstones
Espolón Limaban5a ***AltLd O/SBrian17/May/14Sierra de Toix
Espolón Gris4c **AltLd O/SBrian17/May/14Sierra de Toix
Bella ruta4a *Lead O/SBrian13/May/14Sierra de Toix
Ocho fixe4a *Lead O/SBrian13/May/14Sierra de Toix
Hanma4a Lead O/SBrian13/May/14Sierra de Toix
Pequeno Gecko5a *Lead O/SBrian13/May/14Sierra de Toix
Lobo6a *Lead O/SBrian13/May/14Sierra de Toix
El Borde5c Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
El Punto5c *Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
La Rampa4c *Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
Potosi4c *Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
Uyuni4c *Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
Lovely Jabali5a ***Lead O/SBrian12/May/14Abdet
Gomorra3+ Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Pedorra4a Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Ésta También Se Mueve3+ Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Solo la del cordino4a Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Escrototeame6a Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
La Abeja Nahia5a Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
La soplá5c Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Cornicabra6a *Lead O/SBrian05/May/14Guadalest
Let's Go Bush Walking6a AltLd O/SBrian30/Jan/13Sebastopol Bluffs
Red Arete13 ***AltLd O/SBrian29/Jan/13Sebastapol Bluffs
Elvis Trashes his Car15 *Lead O/SBrian14/Jan/13Wanaka
Strawberry15 *Lead O/SBrian14/Jan/13Wanaka
Aratuatahi16 **Lead O/SBrian14/Jan/13Wanaka
Hump the LumpHS 4b 2ndBrian07/Jan/13Holmes Bay
Left Slab12 Lead O/SBrian25/Dec/12Castle Hill
Tales from the Riverbank17 ***TR O/SBrian25/Dec/12Castle Hill
Re-election Blues16 Lead O/SBrian11/Dec/12Paynes Ford
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