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Logbook for Ian Broome

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Demon Wall Rooff7A+ **Sent rpt 25/Oct/14Almscliff
Dolphin Belly SlapV6 6b **Sent rpt 25/Oct/14Almscliff
The Crucifix Aretef6A+ *Sent rpt 25/Oct/14Almscliff
Forty-ssimof7A+ SentBC rotters19/Oct/14Rocher Fin
Égoïstef7A **SentBC rotters17/Oct/14Apremont
Science Friction (Direct)f6B ***SentBC rotters17/Oct/14Apremont
The RaspE2 5b ***Lead O/SSimon10/Oct/14Higgar Tor
The FileVS 4c ***2ndSimon10/Oct/14Higgar Tor
Pogle's WoodV4 6b **Sent 05/Oct/14Gardoms Edge
Forked Lightning Crackf6B+ **Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Chipsf4 Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Otley Wallf6A+ ***Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Otley Wall Right Handf6B Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Chicken Headsf5 *Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Chicken Heads (no flake)f5+ Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
New Jerusalemf7A ***Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
The Pinchf6C *Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Back Stabberf6A+ *Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Cream Egg Eliminatef7A ***Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Syrett's Saunter/Pebble Wallf7B+ ***SentLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
The Rocking Groovef6C **Sent rptLaika03/Oct/14Caley Crags
Sangria6a Lead βOli swiss16/Sep/14Gastlosen
Qu'en sais-je6c Lead βOli swiss16/Sep/14Gastlosen
Graue Lagune7a+ ***Lead RPOli swiss16/Sep/14Gastlosen
Saveur d'épices6a+ Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss12/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
La Puerta del Sol6c+ ***Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss12/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
La Camera de la Vitesse6c+ Lead βBeri, Oli swiss12/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Keep on Movin'7c+ ***Lead RPBeri, Oli swiss12/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
20,000 Lieux Dans Les Airs6b+ ***Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss11/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Un Cadeau Empoisonne6a+ **Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss10/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Maxus Terrus6b Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss09/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Lundi Chomé6b *Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss09/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Une Marie pour deux7a+ ***Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss08/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Tuff gong7b ***Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss07/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Serpent Cyclope6b *Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss07/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Les culottes de am grand-mere6a+ ***Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss07/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Tarn is Business6c ***Lead rptBeri, Oli swiss07/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Nom de Mosuejouls!7b ***Lead RPBeri, Oli swiss07/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Fuck the Curve7a+ **Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss06/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Juste une Lame6c **Lead O/SBeri, Oli swiss06/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Body Machine Direct7c+ ***Lead RPWill, Laika29/Aug/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Hardy Annual7b **Lead RPMike09/Aug/14Kilnsey
New Mystique6b+ *Lead rptMike09/Aug/14Kilnsey
The Alternative Extra Option7b *Lead rptMike09/Aug/14Kilnsey
The Rooster in the Hen House6b+ Lead O/SLaika, Josh07/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper
Aberration8a **Lead RPLaika, Josh07/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper
Under the Boardwalk6c ***Lead rptGrant26/Jul/14Lower Pen Trwyn
Down by the Sea7a+ *Lead O/SGrant26/Jul/14Lower Pen Trwyn
Armistice Day7a **Lead rptChris Sheff18/Jul/14Chee Dale Lower
Whose Line is it Anyway?7a+ **Lead rptMike15/Jul/14Chee Dale Lower
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