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NameStyleDate Crag name
Jam SesiónLead O/S10/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
Penya XungaLead O/S10/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
Pasta sin AguaLead β08/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
MadroñoLead RP07/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
El Latido del MiedoLead RP07/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
OccidentLead RP05/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
ChasquillaLead β04/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
L'ÀnsiaLead β04/Apr/15Terradets - Les Bruixes
El OasisLead O/S02/Apr/15Chulilla
ChamarileroLead O/S02/Apr/15Chulilla
Sendero sinuosoLead O/S02/Apr/15Chulilla
Richer lineLead O/S02/Apr/15Chulilla
NibelungalosLead O/S01/Apr/15Chulilla
Top of the RockLead β01/Apr/15Chulilla
Las caquitas de NazartenLead RP01/Apr/15Chulilla
Plan ZLead β01/Apr/15Chulilla
Gargola (P1)Lead β01/Apr/15Chulilla
CantalobosLead O/S30/Mar/15Chulilla
Dale duro negroLead O/S30/Mar/15Chulilla
Conflicto territorialLead O/S30/Mar/15Chulilla
Panza con panzaLead O/S30/Mar/15Chulilla
Bolas chinasLead O/S30/Mar/15Chulilla
Rock PunkLead O/S29/Mar/15Chulilla
NazgulLead O/S29/Mar/15Chulilla
Los pagafantasLead O/S29/Mar/15Chulilla
La Miguel GomezLead β29/Mar/15Chulilla
MagnetoresistenciaLead β29/Mar/15Chulilla
Junta CulataLead O/S27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
D'estranquisLead O/S27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Lo dejé to blancoLead O/S27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
La DiscordiaLead O/S27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
ViagramanLead rpt27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Crosta pànicLead27/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Matèria FoscaLead β26/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Cojón PrietoLead β26/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Hansel y GretelLead O/S26/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
SecallonaLead O/S26/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Lo romanotLead O/S26/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Heaven In Your HandsSent01/Feb/15Brandrith
G-ThangSent rpt25/Jan/15Gardoms Edge
G-Thang Sit-StartSent rpt25/Jan/15Gardoms Edge
SatinSent rpt22/Jan/15Stanage Plantation
Dry Wit in a Wet CountrySent rpt18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Grizzly AreteSent18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Ben's WallSent rpt18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The Spine Left HandSent rpt18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Spinal SlabSent rpt18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
THEM!Sent18/Jan/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Hurry on SundownSent rpt11/Jan/15Baslow Edge
Fat WorldSent rpt11/Jan/15Baslow Edge