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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Dos Hermanos5.12a Lead RPMisha, nick, helen gibson20/Oct/14Indian Creek
The Drainpipe5.10a Lead O/SMisha, nick, helen gibson20/Oct/14Indian Creek
Elbow Vices5.10c Lead O/SEszter, helen gibson18/Oct/14Indian Creek
Ruins Crack5.11c ***Lead O/SEszter, helen gibson18/Oct/14Indian Creek
Gold crown5.11a ***Lead O/SEszter16/Oct/14Indian Creek
Primrose Dihedrals5.11d LeadEszter, helen gibson15/Oct/14Island in the Sky - Taylor...
Hay U Take (aka Hayduke Lives!)5.10d ***Lead O/Smichael porter13/Oct/14Indian Creek
Neat5.10c ***Lead O/Smichael porter13/Oct/14Indian Creek
More Than One Way5.10d **Lead O/SEszter12/Oct/14Indian Creek
Johnny Cat5.11c **Lead O/SEszter12/Oct/14Indian Creek
Lightning Bolt Crack5.11a ***Leadhelen gibson11/Oct/14Indian Creek
Way Rambo5.12d ***Lead RPEszter, andrew porter,...10/Oct/14Indian Creek
Fuzz5.10b ***Lead O/SEszter10/Oct/14Indian Creek
Walkin' Talkin' Bob - The Fin5.9 Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Flight Time5.12a ***Lead RPEszter, andrew porter,...07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Unnamed 5.115.11b *Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...07/Oct/14Indian Creek
4 X 45.11a ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Take 55.10b **Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Variety Pack5.11d Lead dogEszter07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Unamed 5.11 At 4x45.11a Lead O/SEszter07/Oct/14Indian Creek
Soul Fire5.11a ***Lead O/SEszter, helen gibson06/Oct/14Indian Creek
Anunnaki5.12a ***Lead O/SEszter, helen gibson06/Oct/14Indian Creek
Mudslide5.10d Lead O/SEszter, helen gibson06/Oct/14Indian Creek
Tom Cat5.10b **Lead O/Smichael porter04/Oct/14Indian Creek
Excuse Station5.11a ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...03/Oct/14Indian Creek
Pente5.11a ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...03/Oct/14Indian Creek
Slot machine5.11d ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...03/Oct/14Indian Creek
Unnamed 5.10-5.10a *Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...03/Oct/14Indian Creek
Black Uhuru5.10c ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...02/Oct/14Indian Creek
Scarface5.11a ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...02/Oct/14Indian Creek
Wavy Gravy5.10a **Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...02/Oct/14Indian Creek
Fat Farm5.10a Lead O/SEszter02/Oct/14Indian Creek
Unnamed / Your Mama5.10d **Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...02/Oct/14Indian Creek
Unknown 5.95.9 *Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...02/Oct/14Indian Creek
3 A.M. Crack5.10c Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...30/Sep/14Indian Creek
The Wave5.10d Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...30/Sep/14Indian Creek
Coyne Crack5.11d ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...30/Sep/14Indian Creek
Amaretto Corner5.11d Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...30/Sep/14Indian Creek
Binou's Crack5.9 Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...29/Sep/14Indian Creek
The Jane Fonda Total Body Workout (a.k.a. Sheila Longstar)5.11b Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...29/Sep/14Indian Creek
The Cave Route5.11a Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...29/Sep/14Indian Creek
The Incredible Handcrack5.10c ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...28/Sep/14Indian Creek
Supercrack of the Desert5.10b ***Lead O/SEszter, andrew porter,...28/Sep/14Indian Creek
Coventry StreetE5 6b ***Lead RPhelen gibson22/Sep/14Millstone Edge
Captain Lob Meets the Nipple Pincher6b **Lead O/Sjulie carroll19/Sep/14Blacknor North
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **Lead O/Sjulie carroll19/Sep/14Blacknor North
Hot From the Forge7a *Lead O/Sjulie carroll19/Sep/14Blacknor North
Appleturnoverload7a+ **Lead rptjulie carroll19/Sep/14Blacknor North
Kamikaze Moped7a *Lead O/Sjulie carroll16/Sep/14Blacknor South
The Oldest Profession7a **Lead O/Sjulie carroll16/Sep/14Blacknor South
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