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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Daktilogdartis 7a ** Lead O/S 17/May Mouzaki
Fig Tree 6a+ Lead O/S 17/May Mouzaki
Pretty Fly Extension 7b *** Lead O/S 17/May Mouzaki
Kontrastprograme VI+ *** AltLd O/S 16/May Grosse Heiliger
Porn to be Alive 6b+ Lead O/S 15/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Assassinos 8a Lead RP 15/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Dizzy Dolls 7c *** Lead RP 14/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Mentholius 6b Lead O/S 14/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Dirty Moves 6a Lead O/S 14/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Heiliger Geist M *** AltLd O/S 13/May Holy Ghost Tower
Toyland 7a Lead O/S 12/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Iera Exetasis 7c Lead RP 12/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Madness VI+ *** AltLd O/S 11/May Holy Ghost Tower
Mauvaise Habitude 7b Lead O/S 11/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Black Velvet 7b+ Lead RP 10/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Per Te JB 7a+ *** Lead O/S 10/May Pyli - Little Gorge
I.R.A. 6b Lead O/S 10/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Road to Hell 6a Lead O/S 10/May Pyli - Little Gorge
Laughing Peter 7a+ ** Lead O/S 01/Apr Wallsend South
The Launch 7b+ * Lead RP 31/Mar Blacknor Central
Whilst the Cat's Away 7a+ * Lead O/S 31/Mar Blacknor Central
Straight to Hell 7b+ ** Lead RP 30/Mar Wallsend South
On the Wall 7a+ ** Lead O/S 16/Mar Battleship Main
Million Watt Marshalls 7b+ ** Lead RP 11/Mar Wallsend South
Organova Traba (Patyat na Arnold) VII *** AltLd O/S 27/Feb Vratsa