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Logbook for Chris Andrews

38 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
BOVD LeadLaura Ward11/Jun/07Pass of Ballater
Jumbled Blocks CrackVD LeadLaura Ward11/Jun/07Pass of Ballater
Ping PongS LeadLaura Ward11/Jun/07Pass of Ballater
Lime ChimneyVD LeadLaura Ward11/Jun/07Pass of Ballater
Needle RidgeVD **AltLdTim Andrews06/Jun/07The Napes
Middlefell ButtressD *AltLdTim Andrews05/Jun/07Raven Crag (Langdale)
Little ChamonixVD ***AltLdTim Andrews04/Jun/07Shepherds Crag
Brown SlabsD **LeadTim Andrews04/Jun/07Shepherds Crag
Jackdaw Ridge DirectVD **AltLdTim Andrews04/Jun/07Shepherds Crag
HydraVD 2ndLaura Ward01/Jun/07Souter Head
Consolation CornerVD *LeadAde Gude28/May/07Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
The RiffVD LeadLaura Ward17/May/07Meikle Partans
Curving ChimneyM LeadLaura Ward17/May/07Meikle Partans
Puffin WallVD 2ndLaura Ward03/May/07Souter Head
Rainbow WallD 2ndLaura Ward03/May/07Souter Head
Puffin's PerchM LeadLaura Ward03/May/07Souter Head
Slab Top ChimneyD **LeadLaura Ward03/May/07Souter Head
Jug WallD *LeadTim Andrews04/Feb/07Meikle Partans
Slanting CrackM 2ndTim Andrews04/Feb/07Meikle Partans
Fiacaill RidgeI/II ***SoloTim Andrews03/Feb/07Coire an t'Sneachda
Milestone DirectVD *LeadTim Andrews02/Feb/07Souter Head
CharybdisVD LeadTim Andrews01/Feb/07Souter Head
ScyllaVD 2ndTim Andrews01/Feb/07Souter Head
Swivel HeadD SoloAde Gude29/Nov/06Pass of Ballater
RightguardD SoloAde Gude29/Nov/06Pass of Ballater
Yellow EdgeS LeadAde Gude29/Nov/06Black Rock Gulch
Black Rock ChimneyM SoloAde Gude29/Nov/06Black Rock Gulch
HopeS LeadAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
CharityS LeadAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
Clean SweepVD LeadAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
FaithVD SoloAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
Diagonal StrideM SoloAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
Foam on the RangeD LeadAde Gude27/Nov/06Redhythe Point
Cornflake WallM *2ndAde Gude??/Nov/06Cummingston
Rice Crispie WallD *2ndAde Gude??/Nov/06Cummingston
Doddle DiedreS *2ndAde Gude??/Nov/06Cummingston
Savage SlitS ***2ndAde Gude???/2006Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm)
Afterthought AreteM ***2ndAde Gude???/2006Stag Rocks