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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
American DreamV5 6b **Sent x17/Nov/14Hutton Roof Crags
Star systeme6b **Lead β25/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Extention7a **Lead RP25/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Les Couilles au Cul7a ***Lead O/S24/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Saveur d'épices6a+ Lead O/S24/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Rose Paille et Jaune Bonbon7a+ ***Lead O/S24/Sep/14Gorges du Tarn
Berlingots sous roch5c **Lead23/Sep/14Gorges de la Jonte
American Express (ss)f6A *Sent x01/Sep/14Trowbarrow
Hoodoo Peoplef6C **Sent x12/Aug/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Bomb SquadV3 6a *Sent x23/Jul/14Craig y Longridge
Hitting the WallV4 6a Sent x23/Jul/14Craig y Longridge
Pump 'til you JumpV2 5c *Sent x23/Jul/14Craig y Longridge
Thirty Feet of PainV5 6b *Sent x23/Jul/14Craig y Longridge
Clarion Call7a ***Lead rpt06/May/13Chee Dale Lower
Darl - Pitch 17a ***Lead rpt05/May/13Chee Dale Upper
Cattle Mutilation Expedition6c+ **Lead RP04/May/13Masson Lees Quarry
Long Black Veil7a **Lead RP04/May/13Masson Lees Quarry
Puddle Jumper7a *Lead β07/Apr/13Malham Cove
Tremelo7c ***Lead RP07/Apr/13Malham Cove
Energia Positiva7c+ ***Lead RP20/Oct/12Terradets - Les Bruixes
The Hourglassf5+ *Sent O/S19/Feb/12Stanage Plantation
Papágora7c ***Lead RP10/Feb/12Siurana - Valley
Mandrágora7b+ ***Lead RP09/Feb/12Siurana - Valley
Bistec de bíceps7b+ ***Lead rpt06/Feb/12Siurana - Valley
Rated PG7a+ *Lead β13/Nov/11Malham Cove
Gravé dans la Roche7b **Lead RP14/Oct/11Orpierre
Je t'aime moi non plus7a ***Lead O/S14/Oct/11Orpierre
Marylou6b **Lead O/S12/Oct/11Ceuse (Céüse)
Blanches Fesses7c **Lead RP08/Oct/11Ceuse (Céüse)
Le Privilège du Serpent7c+ ***Lead RP07/Oct/11Ceuse (Céüse)
Petit Monstre6a *Lead O/S02/Oct/11Ceuse (Céüse)
Gelati Dominiti7a *Lead O/S02/Oct/11Ceuse (Céüse)
Toutes les Chances plus Une7b ***Lead RP??/Oct/11Orpierre
Jerry's Traversef7A+ Sent x24/Sep/11Blackwell Dale
Red or Deadf7B *Sent x23/Sep/11Blackwell Dale
Jerry's Traverse Reversef7A+ **Sent x23/Sep/11Blackwell Dale
The Roof Warrior8a ***Lead RP18/Sep/11Chee Dale Lower
Armistice Day7a **Lead rpt09/Jul/11Chee Dale Lower
This is the Sea7c+ *Lead RP09/Jul/11Chee Dale Lower
Esmerelda7c *Lead RP18/Jun/11Chee Dale Upper
Max 'is Wall6c *Lead RP??/May/11Chee Dale Upper
The Sea is a Brown Paper Bag7b+ ***Lead RP??/May/11Chee Dale Upper
Harlot FaceE1 5b *-06/Jun/10Castle Rock of Triermain
Little ChamonixVD ***2nd O/S05/Jun/10Shepherds Crag
M.G.C.E2 5c **Lead O/S05/Jun/10Shepherds Crag
ConclusionE1 5b **Lead O/S05/Jun/10Shepherds Crag
Master of the Rolls7a+ **Lead RP31/May/10Blacknor Far South
New Saladin6c **Lead β30/May/10The Cuttings
Realm of Chaos7b+ ***TR RP30/May/10Wallsend South
Frazzled7b **Lead β28/May/10Wallsend North