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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sucker's Wallf4 Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Sucker's Ribf5 *Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 9VB 4c Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 10VB 4c Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Route 3HS 4c *Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Route 2VS 5a **Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Route 1HVS 5a Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Mr. Smoothf6A ***Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Pancake Aretef4 Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
The Horn Traversef4 Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Lunaf6A+ Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Yuletidef5+ Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Yule Slab 4f5+ 5c Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Pocketsf3 Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Slabf4 Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Scoopf5+ Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Aretef3+ *Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Sarnief6A *Sent21/May/15Caley Crags
Pedestal WallS 4a **Lead20/May/15Caley Crags
Cave and SlabMVS 4b Lead20/May/15Caley Crags
Square ChimneyHVD *Lead20/May/15Caley Crags
Boulder1 Problem2V3 Sent18/May/15Wetherby Crag
Boulder2 Problem2V0 Sent18/May/15Wetherby Crag
Sucker's Wallf4 Solo12/May/15Caley Crags
Sucker's Ribf5 *Solo12/May/15Caley Crags
Route 3HS 4c *Solo12/May/15Caley Crags
Route 1HVS 5a Solo12/May/15Caley Crags
CD Boulder 16 P1VB 4c Sent11/May/15Caley Crags
CD Boulder 16 P2V0 5b Sent11/May/15Caley Crags
Chicken Aretef5 Sent11/May/15Caley Crags
Forked Lightning Crackf6B+ **Sent11/May/15Caley Crags
Chipsf4 Sent11/May/15Caley Crags
Lancet CrackVS 5a **2nd10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Right-Hand CrackVS 4b ***Lead10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Central CrackVS 5a **2nd10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Fag Slab VariantVS 4c **Lead10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Lover's Leap ChimneyVD 4b **Lead10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Jabberwok VariationVS 4c **2nd10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Allan's CrackVS 4c ***2nd10/May/15Brimham Rocks
Boulder1 Problem2V3 Solo07/May/15Wetherby Crag
Impossible Wallf4 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Sugar Sugarf3 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Sugar Groovef5 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Cracked Slabf5+ Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Runnelf4 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Jugsf5 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Steady Aretef4 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Ripply Wallf5+ Sent04/May/15Crookrise
Bowl Aretef4 Sent04/May/15Crookrise
The Rose Bowlf5 Sent04/May/15Crookrise