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Logbook for ionimanzatu

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NameStyleDate Crag name
A Beginning-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Dulphera-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Fitish-???/2009Trinity Rocks
The Direct Crack-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Light My Fire-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Stairway to Heaven-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Guilgalat-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Hristo Shipchanov-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Wood Nymph-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Pepsi-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Warming-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Fighting Partner-???/2009Trinity Rocks
The Climber-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Comrade Stankov-???/2009Trinity Rocks
The Climber 2-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Playboy-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Round the Hole-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Erection-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Milkanot-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Russian Roulette-???/2009Trinity Rocks
First Win-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Phantomship-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Crucial Point-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Milkanet-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Enjoy the Silence-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Juel and Arthur-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Rum-???/2009Trinity Rocks
REM-???/2009Trinity Rocks
Helios-???/2009North Cape