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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Four Lions f7B * Sent 23/Jan The Five Clouds
Ape Drape f6C+ *** - 29/Dec/15 Froggatt Edge
Monochrome f7B *** Sent β 28/Dec/15 Burbage North
Piss V8 - 28/Dec/15 Higgar Tor
Beach Ball f7A *** - 20/Dec/15 Secret Garden
Buy Buy V5 * - 31/Oct/15 Curbar Edge
Grow Wings V5 - 03/Oct/15 Craig y Longridge
Thirty Feet of Pain V5 * Sent β 03/Oct/15 Craig y Longridge
Big Marine V8 ** Sent β 03/Oct/15 Craig y Longridge
Grow Wings SDS V8 ** - 03/Oct/15 Craig y Longridge
Swing Time f7A+ - 26/Sep/15 Blackwell Dale
Man of Steel f7B * - 26/Sep/15 Blackwell Dale
Bovine f7B - 19/Sep/15 Blackwell Dale
Blackout f7C *** - 07/Sep/15 Blackwell Dale
Screaming Slave (using everything) f7A - 05/Sep/15 Woodwell
Riley's Arete (Stand Start) f6B+ * - 08/Aug/15 Crafnant bouldering
Riley's Arete sds f7A *** - 08/Aug/15 Crafnant bouldering
Head Shot f6C+ ** - 08/Aug/15 Crafnant bouldering
Breakaway f6A+ * - 08/Aug/15 Crafnant bouldering
Let's Get Fossilised 7c+ ** Lead 06/Aug/15 Blackwell Dale
Beginner's Wall 7b+ * Lead 04/Aug/15 Blackwell Dale
Conie Simpson f7A+ ** Sent 18/Jul/15 Conies Dale
Sheep Shifter f7B ** Sent 09/Jul/15 Cave Dale (Castleton)
A Lack of Colour f7B Sent x 11/Jun/15 Blackwell Dale
Wild In Me 7c ** Lead 25/Apr/15 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)