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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Robert the Bruce's Spider 6a ** Lead 20/May/15 Moy Rock (Dingwall)
The Fly 6a+ ** Lead 20/May/15 Moy Rock (Dingwall)
L Plate 5a * Lead 20/May/15 Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Ankle Biters Delight 4c * Lead 20/May/15 Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Easy Slab 4c Lead 20/May/15 Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Wasp 5b AltLd 21/Apr/15 Kastri
Dzodzet Connection 5c *** AltLd 21/Apr/15 Kastri
Para ti Ursula 6a *** AltLd 21/Apr/15 Kastri
Climax 6a * AltLd 21/Apr/15 Kastri
Ovulation 5c ** AltLd 21/Apr/15 Kastri
In the Mood for Love 6b ** Lead 21/Apr/15 Kastri
Hera 6a *** Lead 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
Selene 5b *** Lead 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
Piranha 5c ** Lead 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
National Day 5c *** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
Fountagio 6a * AltLd 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
Windjammer 6a+ ** Lead 20/Apr/15 Sea Breeze
Klausis 6a ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
And Now for Something Completely Different 5c ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
Adonibert 6a ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
For Sue & Steve 5a ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
Papou 5c ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
Loukoumades 5c ** AltLd 20/Apr/15 Arginonta
Happy Girlfriend 5c ** Lead 18/Apr/15 Grande Grotta Area
Three Stripes 5c *** AltLd 18/Apr/15 Spartacus Area