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NameStyleDate Crag name
Gaustaspokelse,Lead rpt22/Jan/15Krokan
OzzimosisLead rpt21/Jan/15Ozzimosis
Zeta WallSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Forgotten WallSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Defying GravitySolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Scugdale WallSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
The AreteSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Whippet WallSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
PingersSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Razor WallSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Razor RibSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Pets' CornerSolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Scugdale ChimneySolo06/Dec/14Scugdale - Scot Crags
Seams the SameLead rpt23/Nov/14Serengeti
Looning the Tube2nd23/Nov/14Australia
Mental LentilsLead16/Nov/14Vivian Quarry
Fool's GoldLead rpt15/Nov/14Bus Stop Quarry
Super Duper Direct StartSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Crescent GrooveletSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Scoops GroveSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Scoops SlabSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Scoops AreteSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Grooved AreteSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
The Lone AreteSent02/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Slab 2Sent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
Blister's SisterSent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
Blister SlabSent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
Back Slab RightSent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
The UndercutterSent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
Three Pocket SlabSent01/Nov/14Roaches Lower Tier
Overhang Buttress Variation2nd26/Oct/14Burbage North
PulcherrimeLead O/S26/Oct/14Burbage North
Mutiny CrackLead rpt26/Oct/14Burbage North
Side Face2nd26/Oct/14Burbage North
Pillar RibLead19/Oct/14Eastby Crag
Nose ClimbLead19/Oct/14Eastby Crag
Pegasus Wall2nd12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Paradise Wall2nd12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Milton's Meander2nd12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Pegasus RibLead12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Overhanging WallLead12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
ValhallaLead12/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Wheels On FireLead rpt05/Oct/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Tombstone BluesLead rpt05/Oct/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Living The DreamLead rpt05/Oct/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Yellow EdgeLead O/S05/Oct/14Robin Proctor's Scar
La CalfouetteLead28/Sep/14Buoux
La Derive des IncontinentsTR28/Sep/14Buoux
La NoLead28/Sep/14Buoux
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