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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Zeitgeist 7b * Lead G/U 19/May Water-cum-Jolly
Ben's Roof f7C+ ** Sent 08/May Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Route 2 6a ** Lead O/S 11/Aug/15 Castle Inn Quarry
Route 3 6c *** Lead O/S 11/Aug/15 Castle Inn Quarry
The Cakewalk 6b+ ** Lead O/S 11/Aug/15 Castle Inn Quarry
Clowns of God 6c+ *** Lead O/S 11/Aug/15 Wonder Wall
Cruella Deville 7b *** Lead G/U 11/Aug/15 Castell y Gwynt
Snails of the Riverbank 7b ** Lead RP 07/Aug/15 Chee Dale Lower
Bored of the Lies 7b+ *** Lead O/S 04/Aug/15 Chee Dale Lower
Unleashing the Wild Physique 8a *** Lead RP 04/Aug/15 Chee Dale Lower
Mandy 7b+ * Lead RP 13/Jul/15 Chee Dale Lower
A Major Moment 6c+ Lead O/S 24/Jun/15 Water-cum-Jolly
The Free Monster 8a *** Lead RP 24/Jun/15 Water-cum-Jolly
Rooster Booster (Pitch 2) 7c * Lead G/U 13/May/15 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Ergometría 8a *** Lead RP 13/Mar/15 Sella
Si te dicen que caí 7a ** Lead β 12/Mar/15 Sella
Watermark 8a *** Lead RP 12/Mar/15 Sella
Océano 7b+ ** Lead RP 11/Mar/15 Sella
Eat the Rich 7c * Lead RP 03/Nov/14 Water-cum-Jolly
Kingfisher E5 6c * Lead G/U 31/Oct/14 Water-cum-Jolly
Jezebel E5 6a ** Lead RP 31/Oct/14 Water-cum-Jolly
Whose Line is it Anyway? 7a+ *** Lead O/S 18/Aug/14 Chee Dale Lower
The Jug Jockey 7c+ *** Lead RP 18/Aug/14 Chee Dale Lower
Thormen's Moth 8a *** Lead RP 10/Jul/14 Thor's Cave (Manifold Valley)
Hornblower f6C ** Sent 31/May/14 Birchen Edge