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Logbook for The Pylon King

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Girl StuffVD Solo β 03/Oct/14Clegyrau Graig Isaf
Endless SummerS Solo β 03/Oct/14Clegyrau Graig Isaf
Rock BottomS 4a Solo O/S 03/Oct/14Clegyrau Graig Isaf
Dark OrgasmE1 5b ***Lead RPStanners03/Oct/14Clegyrau Graig Isaf
Name Your PriceS 4a *2nd O/SStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
Flying The NestVS 4c *2nd O/SStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
Down With The CrownHS 4b *Lead βStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
The Impertinent ReachHVS 5a *Lead βStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
Welcome to My DomianVS 5a **Lead βStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
AtvasaraVS 4c *Lead βStanners02/Oct/14Rhinog Fawr South Faces
The ArboretumHS 4b Solo rpt 29/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Hit The TargetE1 5a Solo RP 29/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
NemophilistHVS 5a *Lead rptGuy25/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Scudamore Buttress ClimbVS 4c *Lead rptGuy25/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Loved Up on Laughing GasHVS 4c Solo β 24/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
We Say Birds, Not BitchesVS 5b Solo RP 23/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Chew on This!4b *Lead O/SGordon J21/Sep/14North Quarry
Conrad Pooh's Amazing Dancing Teeth4a *Lead O/SGordon J21/Sep/14North Quarry
Long in the Tooth5a **Lead O/SGordon J21/Sep/14North Quarry
FiddlesticksHS 4b Solo β 09/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Fiddlesticks direct startHVS 5c *Solo β 09/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Shoot Me BabyVS 4c Solo β 09/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
Fly LiceHS 4b Lead rptDon Sargeant07/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Trundlebum RexS *Lead rptDon Sargeant07/Sep/14Symonds Yat
TwoVS 5a Solo RP 07/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
ThreeVS 4c Solo RP 07/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
FiveS 4a Solo RP 07/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
FourHVS 5b TR 07/Sep/14Pylon King's Secret Crag
KESHVS 5a Lead βbpmclimb, Rick Sewards31/Aug/14Gelli
Titanium ManE1 5b TR βMr Shunt31/Aug/14Gelli
Cigarillo6b *TR RPbpmclimb31/Aug/14Gelli
Down Under4c *Lead O/SPaul Robertson31/Aug/14Gelli
Ladyboy's Cage6a TR O/Sbpmclimb31/Aug/14Gelli
DionVD Solo O/S 26/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
FortuneHS 4c Solo O/S 26/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
AwenHS 4b Solo O/S 26/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
The Sea PriestessS 4a *Solo O/S 26/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
The ComebackHS 4a Solo O/S 26/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
HotachesE1 5b *TR rpt 19/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Before The DawnVS 4c *Lead βRob19/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Romuth BeckoningE1 5a Solo RP 18/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Needs MustVS 4c Lead βRob18/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Overgrade, Undergrade: Wobbling FreeE1 5b 2nd O/SRob18/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Obvious CrackHS 4c TR O/SMr Shunt18/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Pining for PembrokeVD Solo rpt 18/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Anemone WallVS 4c TR O/SMr Shunt15/Aug/14Shire Combe
AlternateS Solo O/S 15/Aug/14Shire Combe
Left CornerVD Solo O/S 13/Aug/14Pobbles Bay
Square CutD Solo O/S 13/Aug/14Pobbles Bay
Twin Crack SlabM Solo O/S 13/Aug/14Pobbles Bay
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